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The seminar on Enabling off-design simulation and optimisation using a Newton solver by Dr. Shenren Xu from Queen Mary University of London will take place at VKI on 6 February at 1:30 P.M.

Abstract: While simulation tools based on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) are becoming more commonly used for aerospace and turbomachinery applications at design conditions, it is known that a useful design should also take into account the product performance at off-design conditions. The difficulty with simulating the flow and optimising the performance of products at those condition lies in the lack of both the reliability of the solution and the robustness of the solver itself. The former is mainly related to the modelling error while the latter is purely of numerical origin. In this talk, the background will be discussed, as well as the motivation and some of the numerical recipes for the successful development of Newton CFD solvers. Finally, some preliminary results on a turbomachinery case will be presented using a finite volume CFD solver on three dimensional unstructured cases using a strong implicit scheme, a precursor to the final Newton CFD solver.

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