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Many souls are condemned to pass through the gates of Hell. Some deserve it, others not so much.

Me? not so much You see I'm kind of that one in a million case were no one knows what the "Right thing" to do is. My name is Kabu Jinx and my story begins on a far distant world than from were I am now. A world called Adellia.

Imagine if you will not having a family. Not having a mother, or father, Sister or brother. that's how I grew up most of us were born of tubes and experiments. after we our creation we lived normal lives in the public. (As normal as possible) we played with the kids in the capital Argon Ward. the headquarters of the world. our Dad I guess you could call him was the king of it all. He rarely had time for me. he told me to join the Adellia Armed Guard so I could travel around the world. and see the other wards.

the Arms corporation was stationed on Earth but when the training was done we would be shipped off to Adellia I thought it was a joke at first. Adellian Government had spread to Earth quite a long time ago. It harmonized the life on Earth. making life So much easier. no more poverty, hunger, homelessness, and a LOT less crime. my dad stayed around Earth to watch us grow and train until he fell ill and passed away. with his death my Uncle Acherone took the seat of power and plunged both worlds into darkness. it is now up to us to return the world back to the ways things were at once.

The Ledgends Of Griphite.

Chapter One.

It's the basic backgrounds of the guardians and there're Cores

The books on level one in the typin phase

now I got most of the information for the story line but now we are changing the median of the book to a video game.

Now that I can see that this is dead let's revive it

Queen Hellen and Lord Elas V. Losten Are the leaders and Acherons right hand leaders.

Under the current info we have on the planet Adellia. and the info we are still missing. we need some massive Brainstorming sessions.

The Hangout Rp/ Story session isn't working so well as we had hoped.

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My OC in some tribal clothes...

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Name: Caniq
Nickname/s (if any): K'
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Date of Birth: 09/21/96
Species: Echidna

Greetings and glad to be part of Adellia.
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Upon our time of "Disappearance" I came up with some additional info for the corporation.
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