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하나님은 나와 함께 하심니다

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내 안에 거하신 주님을 찬양합니다

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Today i know
You in my body, my heart, my life
I had known you there only heaven.
But today i get understand
LORD together my body, my heart, my life
LORD is my king.
I want say, LORD with me my body,
i got temple of LORD
thank you JESUS !!

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you are born unto this earth to receive GOD love

Yesterday night
I cant see GOD FACE
I got sin same style,yesterday ,too
So i can`t did pray.
That time i hear so low voice of GOD
I always forgive your sin,
I always listen your pray.
Then i got piece from Heaven and i can do pray to GOD
really thank you

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주께서 저의 발걸음을 인도하심을 보았습니다
주님이 저를 떠나신줄 알았는데
주님은 저를 붙드시고 인도해주셨습니다
이제 주님을 바라봅니다
나의 빛이신 주님으로
어둠을 알게되고
어둠을 벗어나서
어둠을 이기게 하옵소서

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