What is a guide?

One type is a person who guides people through a location or event. Journalists and writers can be considered a sort of guide. A museum docent is a type of guide who shows people a museum and the exhibits therein.

In this case guide refers to a work; such as a flyer, brochure, or book; that tells the reader about a subject. A roleplaying guide, or RPG, is a book detailing how one creates a character to play in an imaginary world, and how that character functions in and interacts with the world in question.

An RPG as guide does work somewhat like an RPG as game. But there are differences. Things a guide requires, but a game does not. Things possible in a guide, but not in a game. But the most important thing to remember about a roleplaying guide is that; while it does have restrictions and limitations, those are not the same as in a roleplaying game.

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