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Just a quick reminder that every single person in this picture fought against a heavily weakened Serena and still got their asses handed to them

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Just a reminder that even a weakened serena was able to wreck everyone in this picture plus more

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+Señor Serena
Thanks for the invitation

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God Serena ain't forgiving this nigga
Trash trying to be relevant
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Our one and true God versus all of the rest of the Dragonslayers (Future Rogue included).
Who wins?
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God Serena
God Serena

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>I was only 9 years old
>I loved God Serena so much, I had all of his quotes and panels across my room as wallpaper
>I pray to God Serena every night before bed, thanking him for the life I’ve been given
>"Serena is love" I say; “Serena is life”
>My dad hears me and calls me a man with a good taste
>I know he was a man of good faith as well
>I called him a Fodder
>He slaps me and sends me to go to sleep, saying "You are but a Dragon to Serena"
>I’m crying now, and my face hurts
>I lay in bed and it’s really warm, for God Serena always watches over us all
>Suddenly, a warmth is moving towards me
>It’s God Serena
>I am so happy
>He whispers into my ear “Anything like a Dragon is toast when I get through with 'em”
>He grabs me with his powerful godly hands and puts me down onto my hands and knees
>I’m ready
>I spread my ass-cheeks for Serena
>He penetrates my butt-hole
>It hurts so much but I do it for Serena
>I can feel my butt tearing as my eyes start to water
>I push against his force
>I want to please Serena
>He roars in a mighty roar as he fills my butt with his love while activating his Dragon Slaying magic
>My dad walks in
>Serena looks him straight in the eyes and says “God bye-bye”
>Serena leaves through my window with a fabulous pose
>Serena is Love. Serena is Life.

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Serena vs itachi and madara
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Instantly Gains 2 Strikes
Always Remember Serena...
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