Hi,, I'm new here and I to as a tiny/giant so yeah

Hi! Everyone one here im new and excited to join and rp!

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Please RP with me, IM SO BORED!
Name: Marco
Gender: Male
Species: Neko, Human, or furry
Regular height: 4'11
Body type: Frail
Age: 14-18 (whatever you feel more comfortable with.)
Personality: Shy ,timid, innocent a little stubborn at first but mostly obedient.
Likes: Being tiny, Handheld, being dominated, sometimes gentle, footplay, being teased, (im okay with everything though, even futa.)
Dislikes: Being big, giant males.
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Hello, I'm new here

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Name: Ink
Age: 16
Species: Ink/Supernatural/Spirit
Abilities: Teleporting, Controling ink
Bio: I don't think I should explain... I'm not human...

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Name: Stephen

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Height: 6 inches

Bio: Had been a shrunken man for as long as he can remember. He has gotten so used to being treated as a slave and being ordered around that he enjoys it and aims to make all of his the Giantess's happy

Likes: Being punished, crushed, bossed around, given orders

Dislikes: Treated sweetly and kindly to, nice Giantess's

Personality: Happy to get given orders and determined to do whatever it takes to please any Giantess.

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name:zonic the dark timehog
race:dark timelord
bio:zonic cant die because he is immortal and he heals instantly
height:5 inches tall
transformations:super zonic,super zonic 2,super zonic 3,super zonic 4,super zonic 5,super zonic god,super zonic blue,and super zonic rose
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name:shadane the chaotic timehog
race:dark timelord
transformations:super shadane,super shadane 2,and demon shadane
height:normal size or 40 feet tall
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...hello??? Is anybody here??? Everybody is so quiet...
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