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Greetings, and welcome to the Soldiers of the Republic Roleplay community. This community will follow the training and the experiences of clone troopers throughout the Clone War. However, before you go off to make your profiles, I will need to give some guidelines.

1.) Only moderators can control ARC Troopers and Commanding Officers.

2.) All clones (except ARCs and Officers) will have to go through training before they can fight on the battlefields of the Clone War.

3.) You will respect people on this community, whether you like them or not.

4.) You cannot roleplay without your profile being approved.

5.) If you will continue to cause trouble in this community, you will be banned.

6.) Only Moderators can control canon characters, and regulars will have to create clone OCs.

7.) Cussing can be used, but not extreme leaves of it.

8.) Regulars have six profile slots.

9.) Moderators have eight profile slots.

10.) Have fun.

Profile Template:

Identification Number:
Legion Affiliation:
Training Squadron:

Throwing a RP room here.

<RP Name = Down time>
<RP location = The barracks>
<RP Status = Open of course>

Freezer sat staring at his new helmet and armour that was strewn all over his bunk. His blaster was thrown into his locker along with his cadet gear.

Since we have seen no movement from the mods in a long time I'm going to make a new group in around 2-3 hours. Just to give them one last chance. I'll put the group name in the group once I'm done.

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Ok so its been 2 hours and I've had no contact from the mods. I've made a new group which we can use. All of you can move your profiles over. Please do look at the rules. Thanks

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Identification Number: CT-3366
Nickname: none yet
Age: 10 (clone)
Rank: cadet
Weapons: DC - 15a blaster rifle other usual clone armaments
Personality: a little prideful. Prefers to go solo
Legion Affiliation: 24th Nova corps
Training Squadron: Gamma Gamma
Biography: underwent normal clone training. Excelled at cqb. Highest performer in his squad which impressed his superiors however his tendency to do things solo and try to seize all the glory made I'm very unpopular with his squad. He has be notified that his squad will be transfered to the 24th Nova corps once he has finished basic training which means another yeat of training. However he will have to learn better teamwork in order to succeed at his new position.
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Anyone got any idea what we should do? I mean it looks like this group has been left in the dark. Anyone wanna make a new one or something if nothing happens in 3 days? By something I mean we have movement from the mods. I just don't want to waste time and then find out they don't want to run this anymore.

Besides +atomicrobin []That One Guy The Shitty Profile[]​ the other mods are active in other communities so I think they have abandoned this. Atom has not been active for a week

Ok I'm gonna create a mini rp to pass the time.

<*RP NAME*> The New Recruits
<*RP LOCATION*> Kamino Mess Hall
<>RP STATUS*> Open to all

Sub Lieutenant Bishop was a newly commissioned officer after doing well on his exams. He was to undergo training here to become a navy member. He was upset however as he has already been here for 7 years and now he has to stay 3 more. He scoffed at the idea that he will be older than any other cadet in a month. He walked briskly to get his food, and sat alone at a large round table.

+Scott Axner Not to sound rude sir but any idea when we will be under way?

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Alright in Commanderthorns absence. I'm gonna try and give this a defib to the heart and get it going.

If those, and ONLY those who have a training Squadron of cadets. Comment the name of said squadron below. All unimportants will be deleted.

On a side note, when you finish the Citadel challenge. You will be free to roam around Topica City. And Officers can also supervise training, and make their own RPs of talking amongst eachother.
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