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I guess this will be a bit of a primer. Reading one wikipage to learn a setting is not enough. Then there is digging up all the news articles. 

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Some notes and resources. 

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Moving the Game Setting to Nigeria - to further my studies about the region... There tends to be a lot of information sharing when we do a real or historic setting - I learn so much about the place and time. I really believe there should be a good Africa set game to make people more aware of whats happening there. 

To everyone - I am changing the system to Fate Accelerated because I have less and less time to prep and find the Fate system more adequate for my style and limitations. If you are still interested I hope to continue the game in 2015 Feb-March. Running a 5-7 episode arch for the new season starting off with the time line of 2015, almost a year after the last events of the campaign. 

looking for old friends , Aurora rolplayers from the early 90s 

Hey guys I want to finish the crusades and the Chinese game and modern fantasy will be my default campaign. Probably October we restart. The Chinese game is 4 sessions and the crusades is on its last session. 

In light of the Hiatus you may comment what you want out of the next season. My comments are: 
- Adventures in Scary and Freaky Africa. 
- Spec Ops Adventure Format, with Dabs of Cthulhu Investigative opportunities. I'll be using GURPS Mysteries and Horror material, and /r/Morbidreality 
- Higher lethality. Have secondary characters made. Secondary characters allow us split the party and everyone still plays and in case characters get hospitalized. 
- the next arc happens in 2014 Feb, moving forward. I'll be drawing a lot from current events. 
- some cutting edge tech, 

Hiatus for 3rd season, can't post right now, the report will be in at the latest Monday. Will schedule third season in a 4-8 weeks.
Modern weapons against 4000-12000lb Giants and trolls, and and God damned mages. 

Hey guys in case you noticed the deleted event, On Air has a bug which creates multiple events. I had to delete the other events since it may bother some and clutter up the calendar. 
+Ffej Lednam 

Hey guys I plan to end the Campaign on the 11th session of season 02. Time for a break and recharge. 
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