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Would you have any interest in a maintenance subscription?
We have created a service for Operational Security for Wordpress websites, that includes backups, updates, security hardening, performance optimization, and monthly developer hours. We would like to hear from you, about whether you or anyone you know (like a client) would be interested in subscribing to such a service?

Please share with your network.

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An overview of Wordpress Security - if you'd never heard of or thought of it, this is for you

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The WordPress Handbook – 55 Resources For First Time WordPress Users

WordPress is become very popular over the past couple years and today it powers more then 20% of sites on the Internet; no other content management system comes close to its widespread usage. It’s so robust that you can easily create just any type of website without spending much money.

There are still a lot of people who don’t much about WordPress. So I thought, it might a good idea to assemble my favorite WordPress resources into a WordPress Handbook list that has everything all in one place for folks who are new in the WordPress land.

Wordpress is easy to set up, famous for the 5 minute install. But most site owners leave the security configuration behind. Think about what measures you can take, to secure your website. You can be certain that it will be hit by intrusion attempts.

2012 was the year that became a fully focused, full-fledged Wordpress agency. In 2013, we build our services to improve production efficiency and add additional services to the portfolio. 

Your opinion is very valuable to us - what would you like to see, and what would be the most helpful to you, for your Wordpress site or Wordpress development environment?

How do we create the support community for developers and users alike, directly in their Wordpress admin? We're curious to hear your thoughts.
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