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What is that challenge holding you back?

Life throws us all a curve! 

What are you going to do about your curve.

Let's discuss your thoughts.

We are excited to welcome everyone to our community/club of weight loss aspirants who are considering or ready to achieve their goal of losing weight. 

We promote better health, wealth & prosperity, foster professional and entrepreneurial relationships.

Join us and soar with us towards the attainment of our common goal.

Once again, welcome aboard!

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Lose 4 Kg/ 9 pounds in 9 days!

I always thought weight loss was painful and difficult to achieve until I discovered "Clean 9" by Forever Living Products.

There are two phases to the weight loss program as follows:

Phase 1 - With Clean 9 Natural Detox - Lose 4Kg / 9 pounds in 9 days
Phase 2- With Forever Nutri Lean - Long Term Weight Loss 

I have done my first round of 9 days and have lost 4Kg already, being from 90Kg to 86kg today. 

It is so seamless and the results are amazing and you may see below for Celebrities reviews on the immediate effect of Clean 9. 

"Detox Weight can report that Victoria Beckham lost an amazing 2kg in only 48 hours after the first 2 days of the detox stage of the Clean 9, and then another 3kg on days 3-9 of the clean 9 regime. Victoria’s reasons for this rapid weight loss was to get rid of the weight gain experienced after pregnancy to her fourth child and for her upcoming world tour with the Spice Girls. Detox diets tend to eradicate your body of water which encourage rapid weight loss and the Clean 9 does this more effectively than any other detox diet on the detox and weight loss market. Following Her Lead, Nutritionist Sue Norton says: “LA women are always trying out the latest diet fads. But Aloe Vera is hailed as a Super food due to its combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes. It’s thought to help with circulation and digestion, and can increase energy levels. It can even help with the skin problems. Victoria Beckham has been known for her radical and extreme diet plans for many years, but in every case, what she does works and people follow her lead because they too can benefit and have the same weight loss results. Celebrities use Forever Living products because the proof is indeed in the product itself. By following a detox diet, preferably Aloe Vera, the benefit of drinking this detox drink will help cleanse your body and shed the lbs quickly". 

Please note that the contents of the Clean 9 & Nutri Lean are:
1. Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial natural products
2. They are also are naturally sourced, dairy-free and gluten-free.

Would you love to experience this wonderful weight loss regime? Then join me by ordering your own pack of the Clean 9.   

If you would like to order for any of our Forever Living products including the Clean 9, you can contact me on +234 809 3311 194 or BBM pin 75BBE656 with your country of residence, so I can  help you with your order, as you will be required to quote my reference details.

To show you how confident we are that our weight loss program works, If you are not completely happy with your weight loss, we guarantee you 100% Money Back on all our forever living products. 

Much Love.
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