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This place is ded

Nico had his black hoodie up with a sad expression he's been hearing things he dosent know what though


this is differ frum the other lanur oc i have xD
Name: Lanur.
Age: 18
Nickname: Lanur?
Sexuality: Strait
Crush: None YET!
Friends: None yet. +AubyThe Fox-might force-
Fusion group: +AubyThe Fox-again i may force idk-

Parents: They died..
Siblings: None.

Personality: Sweet, Short, Clever, Can be Sexy
Power: Teliconesis cant spell
Guild: Light
Transformation: idk
Aura pet: idk
Special attacks:idk
the ones w/ idk tell me in da comments and ill edit it

shus manipulating Nico because hes bored and makes him get him food

Nico's skipping around bring the cute little creature he is awwww so kawaii

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shhhhhhhhhh the pure child is sleeping shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hes not really pure go along with it

Name: "my name is Sosa shu Yami"
Nick name: " just call me shu"
Sexuality: "Im ~Pan~ sexual" *he said in a flirtatious way"
Crush: "ive had none people never like my personality"
Friends: "I guess i don't have anymore, lets just say they've moved on" his left eye flashes red
Fusion group: "nahh i dont need one i'm strong enough on my own"

Parents: "I never knew them i was given to a lad at a young age as was experimented on"
Siblings: "i dont have any that i know of unless they were raised with my parents"
Anyone else related?: "nahh not really most likely there dead then"

Personality: "i guess you could say i'm dark, creepy, fearless, Ahhh and flirtatious, alittle bit two faced i have a few soft spots hardly any"
Power: "aww saying it wouldn't be fun" when he was experimented on he was given a sort of eye that's not his own but made its way to his blood stream and took over his body but he lives as a mix of those to people now but gave him magic he cant control at times and every once in awhile will lock himself somewhere and cry because the magic takes him over
Guild: "i'm dark" he used to be light befor magic took over and he sealed a contract with his magic
Transformation: "i can fuse with people without the proper amount and i can manipulate people at times" he manipulates you and makes you pass out as his eye flashes
Aura pet: a big griffin appears and carries you somewhere to rest and then goes over to shu and bits his neck to get payback
Special attacks: he can maintain fusing with nico's evil side without going insane
Enemies: None
(pictures not mine)
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Name:" my name's Kiin nice ta meet ya" puts hand out to shake
Age:" right now I'm 15 but I'm considered tall fot my age"
Nick name:" I'm just to being called Kiki I guess
Sexuality:" I'm currently Bi of the Sexual lol"
Crush:" Aggghhh bites tounge "it's ash"
Friends:" I still haven't met much" rubs the back of his head
Fusion group:"ehhhhh" smirk

Parents:"I was raised by my day but my mom left him and ive never seen here scene"
Siblings:" I don't have any"
Anyone else related?:"not that I can think of"

Personality:"I'm cute but handsome to some,im Weird, Awkward, Funny" he goes on and on and counts with his fingers "and I'm overall just a likeable person"
Power:"I can control many things and I can teleport things and just move anything in general"-guess whenever needed without proper amount-
Guild:" I'm dark but I'd be light if my mother was here"
Transformation:"many things but yet to find out a few"
Aura pet:"I have a little fox but she can fight"
Special attacks:"meh me special attack ahh never totally dont have any" thingggs

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Did you know you don't have a category's for rps XD

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Crush:None Open
Friends:None Open
Fusion group:Open

Sister:Ashley +DemonizedStarz

Personality:Stubborn,Brave,Good sense of humor,Alert,Kind,Confident
Power:She can wield blue fire
Transformation:Revealed in rp
Aura pet:Dragon
Special attacks:Revealed in rp XD

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