Demented screams echo around the dark asylum. I opened my eyes. A white-coated body slumps to the floor through my shaking hands. A bloody syringe slips from my arm. Waves of confusion and paranoia crash over me. I have no Idea of how I got here.

Hey guys, i see that you've been posting lately, i m bored out of my mind, of you wanna do any kind of rp with me then just send a hangout request and I'll see what I can do!

Name: HANDSY (Or Silence for short)

Looks: this goopy slime monster has a mask with a huge smile on it's face. But when you catch it when it's 'normal' It's a boy with a ripped up shirt, yoga pants, and he never wears shoes. But you will never see his face because it's covered by a cardboard box. Does he have a head? The world may never know

Skills: shape shifting, and can create illusions to trick others

Weapons: His hands. And by that I mean he has a silver tongue. But he doesn't talk so.. Silver fingers? He also uses illusions to confuse the victim

Personality: Shy, introverted, sassy, mysterious, lovable, and bland

Bio: Seems pretty stereotypical? His mother wanted a child so she made one out of black magic because she didn't have the money to actual adopt a child but then he turned into a slime monster. he ended up running away and soon everyone was scared of his face because of ------- He hid his face with a cardboard box and he spent most of his time alone and angry. Look where he is now! He's actually loved and he's also learning how to live his life the way it should have been. With other crazy people like him.

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nice he is what i feal when i open my heart
aww he like's you artwork belongs to rightful artist


name: jerrell
new name: jerell the ripper
weapon: curved switch blade and connor kenways hidden blade knife
like to draw and to free run
half dead
climbing by hand
i cut, stab, and slit
pissed off half the time
Helen Otis tried to kill me. But he don't check to see if was dead so i carved lines under my eyes and down the sides of my mouth but i wear a white ski mask that looks like a evil jester with black stuff down the eyes. i will get him for trying to kill me

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Hi am new And I am not a creepypasta I am an anticreepypasta I want to tell you all of you would like to join my family de are the Good guys plz join you dont have to look nice you can look evil too
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I will think about youre offer of join
I will not join cuz I like evil
I will join
I will think about youre offer of join
I will not join cuz I like evil

Alex is looking at the weapons and picks up bow and arrow but she also thinks she should a different weapon she put the arrows down and picked up axe and looked at it closely then smirked when...

I'm walking down the stair case before i sigh and look over the edge, my all black clothes are different from the people in other colors, a pair of twin hatchets hang down from my belt and i start walking again going to the basement 

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Should I post Spring and Shadow's story on the Creepypasta wiki?
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YESSS!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!
No... The character's horrible enough...
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