Evidentia 3.0.5 has been release. Checkout https://evidentiasoftware.com/upgrade for specific issues addressed.

Looking for "User Questions" that can be featured on the Genealogy Guys Podcast.

Most appropriate would be questions about how to use the program questions (rather than I think there's a bug ;) )

Email me with what you would like to hear in the podcast!


Does anyone know the best way to create a claim tag for a godchild and his godparents? 

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I'm just starting with Evidentia (v 3.0.4 for Mac) on a macbook pro running El Capitan. I am entering the very first source into the software using the 1900 US Census: Digital Image: Ancestry template. I have filled the template fields in several times and have used my mouse scroll button to scroll the window up and down. Each time I do this the entire template window goes white, including the buttons allowing me to save or cancel the source creation. All I can do is <esc> to close the window, which deletes the contents entered. 

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Here's an odd bug that you may already know about.

The basic issue appears to be around the use of bold in the first paragraph of the "Analysis" text area in the "Analyze Evidence" step. It may be related to odd spacing between the first and second paragraph.


So, I woke this morning to empty databases. :/

The two databases that I had synced on dropbox are totally empty. Luckily I had backups, but I'm going to revoke DB access and go back to working locally and hope for a RootsMagicToGo style app and a import record button. 

I've just received my copy of The Evidentia Companion book and I'm working my way through it and have found it to be invaluable, however (there's always an "however" isn't there?) if I were you I'd sack your proof reader immediately. Even having said that it is still a worthwhile purchase.
I also have a problem with the claim type tag "Mother". I find that to get the information the correct way around in a report I have to put the child's name where Evidentia asks for the mother and vice versa. I then get told in the heading that, "Proof that Chakley, Mary Ann is the Mother to Gibbens, Charlotte (ca 1852) (I600) Subject". What this is trying to tell me is that Charlotte Gibbens is Mary Ann's mother.
Thanks Ed

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I would like to attach files to sources and citations, but whenever I try, I get the message: "Unable to attach files while offline." Since the file I'm trying to attach is a JPG on my computer, my online status shouldn't have an effect. Also, since I'm connected to the internet via cable, I'm really in always connected status. So, what's going on here, and what can I do to fix it?

How's Rootstech going?
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