Last week of Family History month. Having fun?

Anyone doing anything special for the 3rd weekend of Family History Month? How about adding ONE source to your Evidentia database?

Second weekend of Family History month. Plans?

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Google has announced it will be shutting down Google+. I know many of you are here because you don't want to be on FaceBook, and I understand. I will be looking for other ways to keep you informed.

For those who do wish to migrate to the Facebook User group, here is a link:

Those who do not wish to join an FB group, I invite you to join the support forum at!forum/evidentia-software

First Saturday of Family History Month - what are YOU up to?

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Evidentia 3.2.4 has just been released. No new features, but it addresses changes made to FamilySearch.

Evidentia Software Store
Evidentia Software Store

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Family History month is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than a sale! Not only a sale though, but our biggest sale ever!!

From now til the end of October, buy a copy of Evidentia and get a copy of the companion book FREE! You can select either the Soft Cover edition or the PDF edition of the Evidentia Companion with your copy of the software.
That's a $14.99 value.

But what, there's more (I always wanted to say that). You can also get the Laminated Evidentia Quickstart Guide for 33% off.

Already have a copy? It's not too early to start thinking about Christmas. Check out these special deals at

Question: Backup E3.

I have E3.2.3 setup with Dropbox and a local directory, however, when I backup nothing appears in local directory? I copied a backup file from the cloud and place it into local directory, then restored, and restore came from local directory, according to notice displayed. Am I missing something or is this an issue?

I'm wondering if you (Ed) have reached out to any of the major Family Tree software players (Rootsmagic, Legacy, Ancestral Quest, Reunion etc.) and sought a collaborative effort to incorporate Evidentia into their programs? For example GENSMARTS has for some time been a part of the Rootsmagic program as an add-in. When you highlight a person and click the GENSMARTS icon it launches a mini version of the program and performs for the most part as the full version. I have both Rootsmagic and Ancestral Quest and would love for Evidentia to be incorporated into Ancestral Quest (as I work a lot with FamilySearch) or Rootsmagic. I believe this could streamline the process and benefit the Genealogical community as a whole as we may get more folks thinking about the Genealogical Proofing Standard and both documenting and really analyzing their sources before they put stuff out online.

I have been asked about supporting more thorough search capabilities in evidentia, something which definitely makes sense.
I am soliciting suggestions on how best to display search results.

Assume the results will come from claims, analysis, and conclusions.
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