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Many people have requested a research log in Evidentia. I need help identifying what that would look like.

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I'm relatively new to Evidentia. Just caught the tail end of today's podcast from Ed. I want to use the Analysis section of Evidentia of course in a more thoughtful way using the Genealogical Proof Standard. As I have been using this in the past couple of weeks that my Analysis has been generically stated (i.e. "Stated and calculated on Death Certificate." or "Calculated Birth on Census") where I should have more use the Analytical side of my brain and said that things like "this source information is consistent with ___". I'm wondering if there is some examples I can go to prompt me for better analysis when I use this section of Evidentia?

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Hi all,
I'm in SE Wisconsin and I'd like to know if there are any users out there that are interested in starting a users group. It would be open to any users in the SE Wisconsin or Northern Illinois area. Personally, I learn best when I am talking to others and not just reading information. I'm hoping a user's group would be a great place to meet and discuss Evidentia, do some problem solving, share ideas, talk about what works and what might work better (no offense Ed), and how we can make Evidentia work for us however we choose to use it. If you are interested please respond here, on the Facebook page, or through Facebook Messenger.

Thanks --- Mardi

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I'm having trouble with the digital file manager. Under settings/local storage I designated the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Evidentia Digital Files as the base directory. Dropbox is disabled.

I make a source and citation for a 1830 census, and attach the image to the citation. I select source type census, country US, type 1830 for the year, click attach, and click done. No attachment appears on the citation screen, the digital file browser shows nothing under census/US/1830, and the base directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Evidentia Digital Files) is empty. Obviously I am doing something wrong here.

What I hope to do is to attach an image file to each citation as I create it, have the image file open so I can read it and enter the claims.

How do I do this? 

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Another couple of niggles.

1) Ctrl-X in the "Create Citation" window closes the window and discards the edits rather than cutting the text selection. Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V both work as expected copying and pasting. Using right click and cut works OK.

2) The export templates window is messy - see screen clippings below. There appears to be an excessive distance between the explanation and the list of customized templates. The screen clipping attached is from my Surface is better than from my laptop as you have some of the customized templates at the bottom while on the laptop you do not. When you scroll down to view the list of customized templates the select all, deselect all and export selected templates buttons move down to obscure part of the list and the list appears to overflow from the frame containing it.

Would it be possible to add the Canadian censuses to the Census Source Type.
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I am in the process of a Genealogy Do-Over and decided to use Evidentia and Legacy 8 to document my research. After conducting an online search I found by father's obituary on the local funeral home's website. I also found an abstract of the same obituary on The abstract contains an error. How do I handle this conflict? 

Is there a communal / ongoing / preferred method of feedback?

I just finished a massive effort involving a census, (over 50 claims?!?wtf)... my ancestors should be capped at no more than 15 children! I did notice that there was a lot of information that needed to be typed repeatedly. In my real job, that's a huge red flag for opportunities to prevent error and save time. So I have some thoughts about ways to optimize input, etc.

I already feel like I spam this board too much, so is there a preferred way you would like to receive feedback or suggestions? It didn't quite seem to fit the "Feature Request" or "General Comment" section of the contact form.
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