Hey guys, I'm going to start making a fanart for that last poem, and I'm also going to attempt to find "Once". So don't expect me to post too often! Just saying!

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I tried some fan art!😊

On second thought, and especially for Audrey, I'll actually post another poem called "One Day". Here you go!
SPOILER ALERT(S) FOR: 8th book, The Last Guardian. Takes place between Chapter 18 and Chapter 19.

One Day

By me.

One day I shall walk once more on earth,
One day I will hear your happiest mirth.
One day you will laugh and cry with me,
Yet this one day has not come, as I can see…

One day I shall sleep in my own bed,
One day I shall see the sunset red.
And for this one day I shall wait forever;
Until you forget my name’s very last letter…

Help me out of the Abyss,
Let me wake, at the very least.
Please, will you forget me never?
Or my soul will be lost forever…

I remember, when green was the sky;
And I saw you, slowly as I died,
I could only helplessly watch you cry
So sorrowful am I…
Trapped in the afterlife.

One day I will not be known as a human,
One day I will only be a true friend.
And although it has not come, as I know that;
“I will not be turned from my path.”

The land from where the roses spread,
Orange, pink, white and red,
Where I lost my body and might
Is where I reached my bravest, darkest night.

So save me from this eternity,
Don’t let the darkness take over me.
It’s not complex or difficult, it’s very easy;
Just remember and never for get me…

Doing this will slice through the gloom with light,
Making me smile and the afterlife bright.
It will light one of my internal fire,
Making this dull place much less dire.

Keep me, forever, in your heart,
So our souls may never part.
Keep me out of the darkness’s reach,
Or else it will latch onto me like a leech.

But if you don’t, I won’t be free
And the shadows will begin to take over me.
All I want is the be remembered;
On and on, forever and ever.

That is all you have to do,
Please recall me, I beg you.
I don’t want to be alone, burdened with my strife
And trapped… in the afterlife.

YAY! :D Leave comments please!

PARADOXE(I'm calling myself that from now on :P)

Chapter 7: The End

Artemis was still laying on his back; still indecisive. He wanted so desperately to see Minerva again, to hold her close forever, and he could go right now and have it be that way. He wasn't very religious, but an afterlife seemed inevitable now. He could be rejoined with the girl. But something was holding him back. A tiny little tug was holding him in his position. Think about Butler and your family... and Holly, he told himself. The last bit surprised him. Why had he thought about her? The boy decided to ignore it. You've only been back for a year, yet you're going to leave them again? Think about what it would do to them. He bit his lip, deep in concentration.

No, he decided. They can move on like they did before. Everything will be fine with them. No sooner had Artemis made his choice, did he feel himself being dragged gently up towards the heavens. He looked back at Fowl Manor and his body again. Goodbye, Mother. Goodbye, Father. Goodbye, Myles, Beckett, Butler, Juliet... and Holly. He winced mentally. Why did he keep on think about the little elf? But it didn't matter now. The dull clouds were drawing nearer every second, his spirit already on it's journey. He smiled to himself. And hello, Minerva, he finished, closing his eyes for the rest of the way.


Holly's anxiety wasn't going away. She could see the great Fowl Manor in the distance, but it brought her no relief. Come on, Holly, you're being silly again, she scolded. Artemis is fine, safe and sound in front of his wall. But her small joke brought no humor, only an even emptier feeling in her stomach. It quickly turned to nausea, though, as she crossed the Manor's gates.

The fairy shut of the wings, deciding to walk the rest of the way. With a soft squelch, her tiny feet sank into the rain soaked grass. For some reason, Holly felt like she had to look for something in the garden before she went into the house. So what are you looking for exactly? Holly's negative side scoffed as she stepped onto the path for the garden. A rose? Oh, yep, like Artemis will even notice that you're there in the first place. But she ignored it, continuing on as her instincts informed her of the object in question was getting closer and closer.

The next thing Holly saw made her heart skip a beat. There, laying on the cold hard ground was Artemis, soaked to the bone from the icy drops of rain. "Artemis!" she gasped, stumbling to his motionless side, pressing a small finger to his throat. No pulse. The tears started trickling down her cheeks, flowing faster as realization hit. He was dead. She was too late.

There's still hope! she thought, quickly laying her hands on his still chest. Willing all of her fairy magic to perform full power, she murmured, "heal!" sending sparks blasting from her fingers. The small, blue spots of magic bounced across him, but none sank in. They finally returned to Holly, rejected by Artemis' final will.

"No," she murmured, pushing his dark, wet hair from his forehead. "No." Holly pulled his head up onto her arm, cradling it sorrowfully and stroking his cheek with a finger. "I'm so sorry, Artemis. I should have come sooner; maybe we could be together then..." She trailed off, touching her lips to his, letting all of her emotions run free.


Artemis was nearing the end of his trip through the sky. He finally opened eyes and was greeted with the sight of the Gates of Heaven. Soft angelic music drifted to his ears, filling his existence with glory. He wrinkled his nose. How ironic. But he was so close now! Just a little further and he could live in everlasting peace with Minerva...

A little buzz of what felt like electricity ran through Artemis, a faintly sweet taste permeating his mouth. I'm so sorry, a voice said, seeming to come from everywhere. I should have come sooner... The boy perked up, looking around him wildly. It sounded like Holly.

"Holly?" he asked out loud, his voice echoing strangely. "Holly, where are you?" If only you were still alive when I got here... Artemis let out a huff of air in relief. So she was still safe on Earth. It still surprised him that he cared so intensely about her. They were just friends, right? A fairy and Mud Man could only get so close. It must be the guilt of leaving them all behind, the boy thought, facing the gates again. He inched a little closer...

I love you, Arty...

Artemis came to a sudden halt, completely flabbergasted. Holly loved him? Impossible, his negative half hissed. Your head is playing tricks on you.

I love you, Holly repeated.

"I love you, too," Artemis answered before he could stop himself. He immediately clutched his head in his hands, frustrated. What am I doing! he demanded his brain, shaking it back and forth. I'm so confused!

A figure materialized behind the golden gates before him. It was Minerva, clad in a simple, yet stunningly white robe. Her hair hung loosely around her shoulders and her pale eyes glittered from the light emanating from her. The image opened it's mouth. "Go back, Arty," she said, smiling sadly. "It's not too late yet." Artemis began to protest, but Minerva lifted a delicate hand, silencing him. "I know you love me, and I love you,too. I always will. But there is someone else you wish to be with... even if you won't admit it." She gave a twinkling laugh at his objecting expression. "I want you to go and be happy; to enjoy life for a while longer. Besides..." She cut off wistfully. "...when the time comes, we can still get together again if you want." Minerva faded away.

Oh, great. Another choice. Artemis was beginning to really hate them now. But unlike the others, his decision was easy to make. He swooped down with newfound grace into the steep dive back home. Wait for me, Holly!


Holly was still kissing Artemis, her lips searching for a vain response from his cold, still lips. His skin felt warmer now, but it could have been her overheated body spreading it's warmth to him. The elf could have also sworn that he was breathing, too. But she was breathing so hard now, it could have been her own breath rebounding off of Artemis' face.

What are you waiting for? she asked herself. This won't make Artemis come back. She reluctantly started to pull away...

A hand reached up behind her head and brought her closer to him, the long, slender fingers twisting in her short hair. His lips began moving with hers. "Holly," Artemis breathed when they paused for a moment. He wiped a fresh tear of joy from the corner of her eye.

"Artemis!" she cried, flinging herself back at him with new gusto. After a long minute she stopped for a breath. "What happened? You were dead... and then... and then..."

The boy put a finger to her lips. "Hush, Holly. Let's just say that I decided to go, but then come back."

"Arty, I..." She waited a moment before smacking him across his cheek. "Never do that again, Artemis!"

"Ow!" He rubbed his stinging cheek gingerly. "I won't. I'm back for good... I love you, Holly."

"I love you, too, Artemis." They kissed again, happy to be with each other until the end.

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OH MY GODS THESE ARE MY FIRST TWO FAN ARTS!!! Guess what they are!! :D
The camera can't capture the richness of the colors, though, so bear with it. :P
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What is the LEP?

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Sorry! I've not been on for a while. (What terrible grammar...) {SHUT UP MULCH! I THOUGHT YOU DIDN'T CARE ABOUT GRAMMAR! HOW'D YOU GET INTO HERE??}
Here's the next chapter!
Chapter 6: The Choice

Holly Short was daydreaming... again. But it wasn't the bright happy daydreams that most people imagine. Her's was dark and depressing with a hint of longing. Never mind, make it a LOT of longing. The elf was worried about Artemis. The last that she had heard from Butler was that he was still lifeless with grief.

So am I, Holly thought, letting out a sad sigh. Her fingers ventured up to her blue eye, softly tracing its rounded shape behind her eyelid. She hated knowing that the boy was suffering, even if she was secretly overjoyed that the Minerva girl was gone. Holly let out another puff of air and leaned back in her small chair to look at the reflective ceiling above her head. The mismatched pair of eyes stared back at her, Artemis' icy one standing out the most. Holly scowled. He would never have been hurt like this if that girl hadn't gotten to him first! Struck by lightening! she scoffed, snorting through her nose. If I was the one with him, we wouldn't have been out there in the first place. He would be protected...

Holly sat up straight in an instant. "That's it!" she said aloud. "I have to help him no matter what!" He needed someone, a friend, from before he had even met the not a very good word. Who's better than Captain Holly Short, she demanded picking herself up from her relaxed position. Heart pounding emotionally inside of her, she ran out of her office, grabbing her wings on her way. Just hang in there Artemis! I'm coming!


Artemis felt himself floating on his back gently. He knew he wasn't dead yet, but he wasn't alive either. He opened his eyes slowly, greeted by the gray skys from the oncoming storm. I must still be on Earth, he mused. I wonder where I am exactly. Effortlessly, he rolled over to see.

Below him lay his still body. Artemis could see his fingers still clenched at his sides, stiffening with rigor mortis into a death grip. Literally. He chuckled bitterly at the pun. His face was relaxed, though. His eyelids were closed peacefully, his lashes lightly touching his cheeks and his lips were set in a sort of half-smile. Artemis smiled himself. He remembered thinking about seeing Minerva in the afterlife. He wasn't very religious, but it seemed inevitable that it existed now.

Speaking of afterlife, he thought, turning back to the sky. Artemis had a choice to make. It was possible to return to his body; he hadn't crossed completely to death. So did he want to live? He lay still for a moment, deep in thought.


Holly was feeling desperate now. For what? she argued to herself, shaking the new drops of rain from her face. He's not going anywhere anytime soon! But she still felt a hint of foreboding in her mind. Would he accept her affection? Would the boy go back to living the way he used to... with her, Holly?

Or would he ignore her like everyone else?

The fairy kicked her wings into full gear as she crossed the shore of Ireland.

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