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GSI's Quotes of the Day!

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#ebiztechnics Why need to do tuning?
If your "Query" is taking time to render the results then we need to tune the query.
And also we need tune the report .
Find more tuning techniques by clicking

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This latest gadget in the market is the most advanced monitoring device that tracking your health and fitness 24/7 just released this year! Helo LX by Toshiba monitors your blood pressure, glucose or sugar level, heart beat, oxygen in the blood, calories and more! Watch this

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SAP Success factor - Cloud System to practise with Diffywap Technologies

SAP Success factor - Cloud System to practise

Get Practise SAP Success Factor - SAP cloud System access for practise

E-mail -

Phone: +1 503 -673 -1565

For Immediate Booking - Chat Instantly

We, the Diffywap Support team, are currently working on an initiative to provide you, our partners, with a comprehensive one stop shop for resources and information sources that you can use for your learning, training, and implementation needs.

The aim is to centralize the available content that is already out there for you and also help you by creating Knowledge Articles that cover the most common support issues encountered during implementations and Go-live.

More Available on Request

Click Here -

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GENISYS Performance Maximizer tool can help you identify and maintain optimum well, validate or expand any JD Edwards or web-based business critical system! Using, GENISYS, companies can successfully model, measure and maximize system performance when and where they want.

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Bonne Fête Nationale à tous nos clients français !
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