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Name: Flame
Age: 12
Gender: female
Type: Drakepony
Likes: fire, flying, dragons
Dislikes: rain, dogs, dresses
House: a cave that has furniture, lamps, bedrooms, etc.
Father: Scorch 
Mother: Shine (owns a shop that makes old metals and minerals shiner) 
Friends: the mane six, spike, and a sea dragon named Tsunami
Bio: born during the dragon migration, Flame is a dragon-pony crossbreed. She can breathe fire and is fireproof. Her mother is a pony and her father is a dragon. She owns a shop in the cave next to her home cave. Her shop's name is The Fire Pony. She sells fireproof armor and dragon sculptures, necklaces, books on dragons, etc. that she makes/writes herself. She is a wonder for all dragon loving ponies because she will tell them all there is to know about dragons. 
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Here is a good cover!

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Ummmm I realy dont understand exactly what MLP is but here goes.....

Name: firelilly
Type: unicorn
Age: 15
Other: loves to run
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