Any option to backup and transfer all watch face from one phone to another new phone?

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Ich suche diese zifferblatt.

I'm changing from my Asus Zenwatch 3 (Android) to a Galaxy Watch (Tizen) on Christmas. :D
I have purchased the Watchmaker App on Android. Do I have to purchase it again for Tizen?

This one always flummoxes me - can someone help me with a formula to calculate the rotation of the moon?

I have 2 moon faces on a circular layer and want to rotate the layer to show the correct moon phase on any day. I'm trying not to use {wmp} as I assume that only gives a summarised view

Thanks in advance

I'm trying to add a Glow Effect to the makers on a face I'm creating but the Glow Effect in Watchmaker doesn't seem to do anything. Any suggestions please?

Question about TIME ZONE setting

Wondering if there any DST setting on it ?
NSW GMT +10. Shoild be +11 now. So I have to use MICRONESIA time.


This is the latest watch face I'm working on. The hour part is easy, but the minute part is extremely difficult. More numbers means that everything is jumbled up. The only way to fix that is to lower the text size to 10, which makes it too small to see. I thought to use curved text instead so i can display up to 5 numbers at a time, and to space them out. The hours rotate C-clockwise and i wanted the minutes to rotate the same way.

How would I do this so the current minute is in the middle, the previous 2minutes to the left, and the next 2minutes on the right.... and to rotate the minutes the same way The hours are rotating?

This must be an easy one but still I don't know the simplest way to do it.... I want the opacity of a layer to be visible only between 6pm-6am.

I can do it, but my way is clunky, I'd like to learn the right way. I don't know how to specify a range. Thanks!

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What do I have to do to get in touch with a community member? I found this watch face and downloaded it. I have made a lot of changes and I want to thank the guy that made it for his work and contribution. I may want to publish my version as well. I have the page where I found it but there is no contact information and or link. Thanks. Here is the face link...

Is there support for Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro?
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