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We are delighted to announce WatchMaker is now available for Apple Watch!
• Save any watch into a still or animated face!
• See a new face with every flick of your wrist!
• Press and hold to play the animation!
• Live photo effects!!
• Animated GIFs!

Full instructions on creating your first Apple Watch face here :

Let us know your feedback and feature requests below!

Look out for many new features on the Apple, Android and Samsung versions of WatchMaker coming soon!

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Center, 12, 6, 2 and 4. Try yourself.

The AOD is cool, I think.

Any complains, DIY. Free or charges, free of beer, tags, whatever whatever all free. As we are living in the happy world.

Thanks to +Anindya Chakraborty, your codes are fantastic.


Hello good folks. Maybe some can help me out. I have this problem phone vs watch battery script. Everything is ok on the phone. But when i transfere to watch its crap. It show totaly wrong. I have work with this many days but still wrong. I use shis script. Its perfect on the phone. But on the watch its wrong. 150+({bl})*(30+150)/100

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WIP : working on the new BW OUTDOOR EXTREME


* Big thanks to +Terry Zahn for the wonderful hands
* Big thanks to +Grondin Designs for other parts
* Sunrise Sunset ring
* wind speed and direction
* air pressure
* actual temperature and weather icon
* date
* 24 H indication

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Tap left and right to switch between digital and analogue faces.
... Centre to activate Google assistant or Samsung S Voice.
... Spinning (seconds) disc to open Google Fit or Samsung Health.
... 'RUN' to start digital stopwatch and "DONE" to reset.
Tap above and below the digital face info bar to cycle DATE, WEATHER, TEMPERATURE, STEPS, BATTERY percentage and clock SECONDS.
Turn on 'SC PRO' (screen protection) option to reduce screen burn-in when watch is 'always on'.
Choose your colourway from colours that you are accustomed to such as Volt, Infra Red, Cool Grey, New Green, Light Violet, Pink Flash, Tiffany Blue
(Note abbreviations... HR - hours, MIN - minutes, COL, color, FT - font, Ot - outline, Ob - oblique, ACCT - accent.)
Download ver 4.80
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L & Jr - Step One Day & Date

This is a very new brand. I believe they only have two models available as of yet, and furthermore I think they have only been available as of a few weeks ago (spring 2018). But I saw a picture of this one and really liked the unique design.

There are a lot of layers to the elements of this watch giving it great depth (you can see in the picture below). I tried my best to recreate as much depth as I could here, though it's impossible to match the depth of an angled view of the real watch.

There are several different color schemes of the Step One, or rather different distributions of black/white/grey, but this was my favorite. I think this is an especially creative watch that defies convention without being too far out. I'm looking forward to seeing what designs L&Jr come up with next.

This is all drawn in PS again. It looks to me like the watch probably had a lume coating on the hands, but I have no way of knowing so I just invented my own lume here. The rest I think I got very accurate to the real thing.

If you like my replica work please check out my original designs too. "B Sharp Watches" are inspired by all the designs I've made here and they are now available in Google Play. You can always see the whole collection here:

Tap center to zoom. And Tap 6 to toggle dim modes. The seconds hand indicates battery level in dim.

I hope you enjoy!
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Steinhart Barrique Skull

Converted for round watches. Also added a bezel and date window.

Gavril Menu (Tap 12)
- Rotate Bezel
- Dim/Lume: Auto/On/Off
- Zoom
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