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It took me 10 months but I finally got to the other version of this watch.
Parmigiani Fleurier - Tonda Annual Calendar Black

The 4th watch face I ever made was the white version of this watch. I always had intended to make this black counterpart, but that project was quite tedious as in those early days I was restoring faces from photos. I didn't know what I was getting into until I had to clean up those sub dials after cutting out the hands. As much as I like this watch I never quite had the motivation to go down that rabbit hole again. Kudos to those who have the patience to do that!

Now almost 100 watches later I do all my work from scratch in Photoshop so when I came across a photo I had saved of this watch I decided it was time to revisit with my current approach.

I was still not spared from tedious work with those sub dials as each letter in the date and day dials had to be placed individually. But that process of laying it out and positioning each letter feels a bit like the engraving that the makers do for the real watch so for me that makes it fun and rewarding. It's always a stroke of luck when I can find matching fonts too. For this face I actually used a combination from 4 fonts to get it all right.

The moon dial was also particularly fun to make, and while I believe I have the lume on this watch accurately represented, the one artistic liberty I took was to add lume to the moons which I'm sure it's not present in the real watch.

I'm glad to revisit Parmigiani Fleurier again, it is my favorite brand and the styling of this watch is a perfect example of why.

In fact, the Parmigiani aesthetic is one of the primary influences in my original designs. Please check those out too! Most of my designs are "hybrid" so you get all the detailed beauty of luxury analog faces but with an option to seamlessly display all the info a smart watch can track.

You can find the whole B Sharp collection here:

Tap center to zoom. Tap 9 to toggle dim modes


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Spent a bit more time on this one with help from a good friend hope you guys girls enjoy it as much as i did making it

Has blue loommmπŸ˜‰
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Nxt up....UPDATED version of this with the proper shading peice again with UCOLOR
Hands from cheers Terry an co πŸ‘
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Question: has anyone experienced fonts changing on watch faces when transferred from phone to watch? An example is a watch face I'm working on with copaseti font. It works fine on my Ticwatch Pro and on my son's Moto 360, but not on my Huawei, which displays it in a 1920s style font, which is definitely not what I'm after. Haven't seen this before and wondered if there was a solution. TIA

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These W I P S will push today πŸ˜‰
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Some help with coding please.i would like the main hands to disappear and the second hand to change to stop watch seconds when i start the stopwatch.
Many thanks.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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Thanks to +Edward Wolfe for the suggestion to do these, also thanks to +Andlaw +Anindya Chakraborty +Mark Segraves for help with coding. Fairly self explanatory as there are four face with a matching lume, so no Dim on this watch. Just toggle from the first face which is followed by the matching lume face and then onto the next etc. All built from scratch in GIMP and was a very interesting exercise. Also interesting to note that this series of watches is funded by the Kickstarter program.


Tap Features:

* Double Tap 6 to Unlock Tap Functions / Single Tap to Lock Tap functions.
* 12 to adjust Brightness
* Center to Zoom
* 3 to toggle next face
* 9 to toggle previous face
* Second Hand Battery Reserve in Dim Faces

Hopefully please enjoy 😊

Download :

For anyone experience problems with the zoom, please download this version. Very simple zoom, should work on watches.

Download :
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