google's 19th birthday surprise!

is this still a thing

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Are You🙃:
•Single😏: yes
•Scared Of The Dark😎: um mostly not
•Scared Of Heights😧: depends...
•Scared Of Drowning💦: not really.....
•Scared Of Losing Someone😢: Yes. Isn't everyone?
Do You Think🤔:
•People Talk About You Behind Your Back😆: yeah. idk in a bad way though
•Someone Loves You💘{Not Including Family}: Um. Idk? i hope so?
•Someone Hates You😡: i hope not. probably.
•Someone Is Reading This Right Now🙉: No way! Never occured to me!
Have You👀:
•Ever Had A Boyfriend/Girlfriend😊: No. Ew. Gross. Not until i'm at least 16.
•Ever Wanted To Kill Someone🔪: Mayyybeeeeeee
•Felt Lonely😔: Yes, have you never?
•Cried Your Self To Sleep😴: No. I can't breathe well if my sinuses are clogged.
•Snuck Out🏃🏽: No. (I don't have a death wish or a secret fiancé)
•Self harmed😓: No! What is this?!
•Gone To Sleep With Your Clothes On👚: Yes. This is a dumb question...
•Littered🚯: only decomposable things occasionally!
Do You:
•Like Anyone😋: NO!
•Want Boyfriend/Girlfriend💑: No. I'm too young! My gosh u people
•Have Ebola😷: No, why is this question here? what is the point of this freaking interrogation!??
•Like Your Life🌍: Yes. Mostly. Even when it's crap.
•Wish You Could Change Something From The Past😕👈🏽: All the time.
•Have A Phone📱: Kind of.....
How Many🙉:
•Tooth Brushes You Got😄: Probably like 4. Currently.
•Phone Cases You Got: 0.
•How many feelings Have You Had for someone 😩: Um, not like liking them... but i have many feelings towards many different people...?

And there you have it folks.
+Christy Chacko
+Colin Jerista
+Christy the Snail
+Ella Gonser
+Emma Norton
+Michelle Do
+Firefly the Nightwing
+Caspian's Jolly Van of Burgerhaven
+Hannah D'Argenio

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lol ELA has this drilled into my brain - had the final today glad that's over!
Although I'm pretty sure Odysseus slept with other girls... But whatever.

How is everybody?

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Movie poll...
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None Of The Above

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Does anyone here have a Youtube channel?
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Heyyo guys
im bored so
here are some awesome pics of cats i sometimes use as my cover image
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Pokémon Sun and Moon memes:

Plumeria: You know how everything and everybody in this world sucks?

Depressed Kiddo: Yeah?

Plumeria: Well, this guy doesn't! (points to Guzma)

Depressed Kiddo: Really!? That's so cool!

Plumeria: I think I just got you a new recruit, bud.

Guzma: ...

Depressed Kid: Can I follow you around and do everything you say?

That Voice In Guzma's Head: How the heck can that Plumeria girl get me new recruits, but she can't open a pickle jar?
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