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Greetings Everyone,

I'm Christopher Stewart the production manager and hiring agent for S.C. TreeHouse, a Christian independent film and story production company. Currently S.C. TreeHouse is preparing to release a series called "The Master's Story," which is a collection of interwoven narrative stories based on the miracles God is doing through His body of believers all over the world right now... in our time.

The purpose of "The Master's Story" is to show the believers in God, that we, as God's followers, are not just individual people, but that we are the single collective body of our Lord. We want to show the followers and believers of God that all of us sinners who have been saved by grace from our past lives are now living for our Savior, and for Him alone.

​We often forget that, as followers of the One True God, we are no longer separate people with separate stories, but we have given up our lives and our stories to become collectively part of our Savior's innocent life and God's master story.

This is what "The Master's Story" is. The story of God and His people.


Do to the size and nature of this project, S.C. TreeHouse wants to reach out to up and coming filmmakers and storytellers all across the world to become part of the team producing "The Master's Story". As a team we believe in the power of God, and that He can use anyone for His purpose if we only let him.

Which is why S.C. TreeHouse has extended an open call out to any and all storytellers. No matter your experience, no matter your age. God can use anyone, so why limit Him?

If you are interested in telling stories of how God is working in our world today in order to teach others of Him, then we would love to invite you to join the S.C. TreeHouse team.


Below is some links to where you can learn more about our S.C. TreeHouse team and its mission. I have also left my contact. If you have any questions or want to become involved, please contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Join The Team:

Learn More:


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Musicbed is giving away $50,000 in cash and gear to fund your film!

For three weeks Musicbed will be accepting your best film ideas and funding a select few with more than $50,000 in cash and gear.

There is no submission fee and you retain all the rights to your story idea whether it wins or not. So what is there to loose? NOTHING!

Now, go pull out some of those old ideas of your, give them a good dusting off and maybe a new coat of paint, then submit that treasure. Who knows, you just might get $40,000 to make your story a reality.

Submit your idea here:

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Eating lunch with my Rabbi last Saturday he brought some important issues about Messianic Judaism.  

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Christmas in Dixie Y'all

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Create Your Own Custom Professional Profile That Immediately Connects Your Name With Other Professionals in Google Searches

We welcome and encourage users to create their own personal Biography / Profile page on The MFC website. With a Professional Profile you can be discover by other Messianic Filmmakers who are looking for crew members, cast members, staff, and more.

But that's not the best part, the best part is unlike other database sites like IMDb, the MFC gives you complete control of your Profile page. Allowing you to feature your own videos, photos, and text in whatever way you wish. And you create all this with a simple drag and drop editor (no website building experience needed). Instead of your profile just being an impersonal computer generated list of information, make it your own place.

Join The MFC


Create a Custom Profile  

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Great New!!! The MFC (Messianic Filmmaker's Community) has a home base now, a headquarters of operation.

We are very excited about the start of this website. We hope this will become a place to bring together all film loving follower's of Messiah. No matter if you're a filmmaker or film viewer, The MFC is here for you.

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Daughter's latest entry to National 4-H FilmFest placed 3rd.
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