(limit 2 mods) - Primordial Grimm (are considered to be far nightmareish and dangerous then normal Grimm): Considered to be the Nightmare's of the Grimm, known to target both corrupted Grimm and Vexsin, primarily favor decapitation as a way to kill their victims. and posses all the abilities of a grimm. (favor medieval weapons to modern weapons)

(limit 1 mod + 5 students)- Grimm: possess superior fighting skills, good heads for observation, and uncanny instincts for people and their personalities, even besides their ability to sense the supernatural (including Primordial Grimm), can sense Wesen when they loose concentration (sight is not required), Grimms also possess slightly superhuman strength, durability, agility, reflexes, speed, and even morphallaxis, This allows them to go toe to toe with any Wesen, except Siegbarste, and survive things that would kill a normal person. Grimms also possesses greater resistance to arsenic's drug-like effects. When blinded are know to gain superhuman hearing Grimm's blood can take away the animal part of a hexinbeast, but only if ingested. (favor medieval weapons to modern day weapons)

(limit unlimited for all the below except Reapers)

- Anubis: The mouth of the Anubis is filled with sharp teeth and long canines that, paired with clawed hands, can cause significant bodily harm. Another tell-tale aspect of their appearance is a pair of large, pointed ears that stand up and extend far above the top of the head. Anubis possess superhuman strength, and, although weaker than Grimms, they can cause them some trouble. They are also incredibly agile, able to leap from one vertical surface to another and perform other acrobatics with ease (thought to have superhuman hearing)

- Apgadnieks: have startling blue eyes, They are also courageous and more than willing to fight others that may be much bigger or older than they are. Apgadnieks are clever and quite resourceful creatures as well, able to survive with few resources. are also usually leaders and do not hesitate to give orders

- Aswang: are bald, ghoul-like creatures with pale grey skin and a bat-like nose. posses silver eyes that glow faintly in the dark. The vertebrae along their backs enlarge to the point where they form a noticeable ridge, and they possess needle-like fangs and claws. Aswang are notable for their black, forked, proboscis tongue that is able to stretch several times the length of their bodies. The tongue is designed to pierce flesh, They are nimble climbers and apparently very light, given the speed at how they can scale walls and trees. Their long claws and prehensile limbs make it possible for them to adhere over practically any surface, even horizontal ones like the ceiling. However, they aren't very strong, Instead, they rely on their agility in combat, as well as their pouncing and their claws when confronting an adversary. frequently make ticking sounds with their tongues, They have a reputation for being terrifying, as other Wesen are afraid of them.

- Balam: appear Jaguar or Leopard like, eyes turn amber and appear to glow, also gain two sharp, jaguar-like fangs, and they gain sharp claws on their hands, which can cause lethal damage to an opponent in combat. They are extremely daring and, at times, aggressive creatures that tend to act first and think later. However, when facing another formidable Wesen, such as a Blutbad, they tend to back off. Like many Wesen, Balam seem to have a hostile relationship with Grimms and appear to fear them, or are at least wary of them.

- Barbatus Ossifrage:
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