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Hey, people!
I'm so glad to be here with you!

Just want to remind you we are mainly active in the Facebook Group of the Podcast and you are more than welcome to join us there! =)

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In frame +Siddhi Doshi
Lensed +A'capture

For more

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You want to join an agency?
Hear this out first!
Leila Antakly is our guest and she's sharing some useful information!
SHARE AND COMMENT if it was helpful! =)

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Our new episode is OUT! We meet the lovely Zhanna Shaporenko! Check it out now!

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Quick guide to our latest competition!

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We all know we need a team to be ‪#‎fashion‬ ‪#‎photographers‬!
So here is our interview with the Hair Stylist and Make up artist Annesofie Begtrup! =)
‪#‎podcast‬ #Photography ‪#‎HAIR‬ ‪#‎MUA‬ ‪#‎Interview‬

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We all know how important it is to learn something new every day!
So help someone to learn by sharing this top 5 ways to separate your model from the background! =)

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Plamen Gavrilov asked a question, and here is our answer!
What else would you like to know?

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If you are wondering what are the challenges of working in a photography duo, your answer is here! :)
Greetings from the sea from me and George!
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