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Undertale now :)

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Do y'all like undertale?
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Yeah boi
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Nah fam

around the corner when a teacher is walking and I'm ready to do something with a pie in my hand

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Name:Artimis Wilson
Sexuality:Gay af xD
Crush:None/((Open to offer ocs))
Personality:Tsundere,usually mean,is actually more scared of you than you are of him,loner,quiet.
Fears:Crowded places,feeling trapped,loud noises.
Quote: "The last person that touched my wings lost a finger.."

Likes:Sleeping during class,singing,being alone,crackers,cuddling,math.

Dislikes: Grahm crackers,people touching him,teachers waking him up,sweets,gym.

Backstory: Lives with his mother in a run-down house.He often steals from stores/markets to make sure his mother has what she needs.His father walked out on them when He was three.Since then,Arty has been taking care of his mother and himself.

-Sleeps sitting in a crouch with his wings folded around himself
-Actually in Choir
-Very attached to his jacket,A gift from his uncle
-Fluffs his wings up when he's flustered
-Loves listening to Marina and the Diamons
-loves working on mechanical things
-will coo to other birds

*If you have someone you'd like to ship with him,or make him have friends with,please let me know c: *

(its been long I've been in this community but why not do a RP)
in the gym just shooting some three pointers and listening some music until--

Im Sans. Sans the Skeleton

(Open rp)

(Hey guys this is the third rp and I hope you enjoy this will be tied with who I am I will post that after bit let's get down five people)you walk into school and see moon wet you dont know why but you remember you were at her house so you decided to either give her your jacket or a blanket(the choice is yours)

(Open RP because screw lyfe)
You where at Chellie's house for the night, it was also storming....You guys were playing some Dankey Kang Sorry for that But then the power goes out. So now you guys are sitting in the dark alone

(Open rp bc idgaf) I'm going around the school hallways with a overboard bc idc

(Hey guys this is my second post rp only five people so let's get going).you see moon with her hood she looks like a girl today you decide to ask her what's wrong
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