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Thanks for your trust @theokedokekamp 🤜🤛 BLESSING YOUR WAY 🛫 AND THE BEST OF LUCK ☘ much love and respect✌👀
🔍 For the full video you already know #YOUTUBE #IMPERIALKENNELS 🛑
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Im delete some videos out of my phone but 1st I'm going to give u the full SHOW 🤗 if you want to see the full video in regular motion click on the YOUTUBE LINK 👀👇
and support by subscribing ✌😎 u might catch you self slipping today or one day....


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Our apologies to everyone who was hoping to see Venom, King Tyson, Champion Lucky Lucianna, Panda, Nums, Moana, Baci, Khaleesi & the rest of the crew at Nationals this year.

Louis V Line’s Venom has to be collected & shipped for 2 customers over the weekend, we have GrCh Chumper X Panda pups on the ground, Ch Lucianna is pregnant, and Moana is in heat. We have always placed breedings and producing our version of the perfect American Bully ahead of Showing, but we do try to make as many Shows as our schedule permits to allow everyone to see our dogs in person.

Our apologies to everyone who has contacted us about Venom. We will be releasing his Show Appearance Schedule for next year sometime around January so everyone can get a chance to come see him in person and for photos with him/Stack Off’s etc. He always enjoys making skeptics believers, stacking up with the best, and meeting his friends and fans.

That being said; the best in the Country suit up and show up! Those Winning deserve the Accolades, Wins, and Title of National Champion over those who sit at home! Better not hear any complaints about who wins! Good luck to everyone competing in Chicago at ABKC Nationals and at the BRC National's! We’ll be following both events and hope to see everyone next year.
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Finishing off 2017 and Starting Out 2018 with a BANG! 💥 For everyone who has messaged us while we have been sold out- these are our next 4 breedings. Our litters usually sell out before they hit the ground, so we recommend reserving in advance.
➡️ Info/Price/Pedigree:

#texassizebullies #americanbully #LouisVLinesVenom
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Marlboro is eight months old. He is very handsome!
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RIP to Champion MBBP’s Rocky Has a Hard Head
One of the 1st bulls I fell in love with and one of the foundations of our program. Before Dax, this was THE DOG to me, and exactly what I was after from Roc N Ruby. The bully that first dropped my jaw and I knew I had to have his blood in our program. I am proud to have in his Grandson King Tyson a dog that carries his traits.

One of the best bulls of his time. When you said rock and ruby-this is one of the first bulls that came to mind. Roc N Ruby clicked so well with Samurai Paco blood and this boy was the poster child of that combination. Thank you for everything you have contributed to the breed and igniting my passion in the American Bully Breed to another level, it hasn’t slowed down since. My condolences to his owners on your loss.
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