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bad ass

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I missed a movie in July (Mahouka) Not sure if someone already mentioned this, but I'll delete for redundancy if so. For those who may want a reminder otherwise, this will be in many more theaters than an Aniplex film. 3 are in my area and not a 4+ hr drive away for a change!

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Since this is near my new job, I wondered what had happened to them.

KSS, pink pineapple etc.

It seems they mutated into "Softgarage" and the old is long gone.


I love anime

Is it that time already? The end of the season is here again... well, I haven't been enjoying it all that much. Mostly re-watching old shows.

With that said I would like to know if I missed anything. What shows did I miss? What shows did everyone miss? Let's talk about this on anime Talk!!!!

Oct 1st seems like a great time to have our OreAni group talk. If you wish to join in the talk just message me. I'll invite the normal group +Nick Kosmo​, +Jessica Wild​, +Albert Nakano​, and +Sean Bires​. It will be at the normal time, 6:00pm. Comment for any other questions.

Let me know asap if this day or time doesn't work. We can see if there need to be any changes.

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Made in Abyss is Bad at Keeping Secrets
It’s unfortunate that Made in Abyss is a manga adaptation, and also a conventional anime series, for the appeal of its story is predicated on its pervasive mysteries. When they arrive in each new biome and encounter a new character, I feel like I’ve already seen a vivid depiction somewhere…

...Perhaps in its own opening (and ending) titles. A similar horror-adventure, Shin Sekai Yori, had the courage to forgo the usual weekly spoiler-reel of characters and places over sugary anime pop. But then again, SSY was not a vehicle for character-merchandise. Nevertheless, it delivered a maddening, all-consuming degree of weekly mystery that a conventional anime adaptation could not.

...Perhaps in various internet memes based on manga panels, depicting spoilers from several unaired episodes into the future. Maybe you’ve seen Daft Punk Guy, like I have, interacting with other characters from which one can easily form inferences.

...Perhaps in the series’ own, unnecessarily vivid flashbacks, and its overly detailed elaborations of the Abyss’ dangers. Its commitment to build tension by withholding information is seemingly non-existent. For reasons both deliberate and intrinsic, this series is bad at keeping secrets, diminishing its moments of discovery, awe, surprise and terror.

A later episode contains a scene of incredible peril, but nothing comes of it, of course... The weekly ending credits depict three characters, one yet to be introduced, happily adventuring together! I put my faith in the most impervious protection known to man: plot armor. With tension robbed, all that’s left is stomach-churning animated gore with no payoff.

But wait, you say: I come with knowledge of the manga, and you don’t even know how twisted it gets!

Well, Made in Abyss is scheduled to end at episode #13 with a deluxe double-length season finale. At the start of a second season, they’ll have the chance to make a whole new opening & ending, filled with exciting new spoilers! Those character goods aren’t going to sell themselves! In the interim, manga readers will churn out hot new memes for everyone to appreciate.

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Your dose of brain melting cuteness for POETS day!

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