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ASH PRIME REVEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi to all Italian translators :)

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Hi, to all German translators.
Meldet euch mal unter diesem Post damit wir besser über die deutsche Übersetzung diskutieren können. Ich denke eine hangouts Gruppe wäre ganz gut :)
MfG Spartaner-043 (ingame)

Just a heads-up - I'm gonna be on holiday for most of next week, so don't expect replies to anything any time soon :-)

5. Go to
6. alert('You are not authorised to translate any languages')
You are not authorised to translate any languages

what? o.O the page don't work

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Full re-translation of Dutch is done. Now including the english terms, as discussed before. If an other translator doesn't agree, please post here instead of changung it yourself, and we can discuss.

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Before I start: dang, your app is awesome. The last update gave so much more content. Thx!

Now ok. I have some questons regarding the translations. For example: armor. Literally its translated as pantser. The problem is that nobody uses that word. All the Dutch friends I talk with, simply say armor. Armor became a term, a normal word, so we dont translate it. Same goes with terms as multishot, shields, damage or word like puncture, impact and slash.

Now I wonder what would be best to do. IMO, making the app in Dutch but to still use English terms would be the best. Same goes with mods. This would be the best and easiest way for Dutch players to use this app.

Now if DE ever decided to change this, the story would change. But for now...

Just a quick question - did everyone (eventually) get a confirmation email when they signed up on my site?
Might have just been the email server going slowly

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Im translating to Latin. Im half way there, but phew. Half of the things are nearly impossible to translate

Got a few questions +Ben Ezard about the translation:
Delete All Stats - Do you mean the same as "Delete All Data"?
There are currently no alerts to display - make sure you have the - This sentence isn't finished, isn't it?
Update In-Game Stats - The same question as below, "Update In-Game Data"?
When should we start do translate the mods?
Could you maybe create a bigger textbox? So like two, three lines so that I could see my whole writing and that I don't have to scroll back x3
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