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Mumble Servers with Free Custom Address

Order your #Mumble #Server at #Clanwarz and receive a free second month! All Mumble Servers Come with Custom Mumble Domain addresses with makes remembering your server address a breeze.

Our services include a custom control panel which will allow you to install #Mumo #Scripts along with #Updates at anytime.

Pay with PaySafe PayPal or Credit Card. Cancel at anytime.
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Stop Start Restart Your Teamspeak 3 Server From Your Portal Area

We will be rolling out many updates within the next few weeks. A few of the updates can be visually seen when you login to this website and also when you login to your Teamspeak 3 Control Panel.

This TS3 Service Update released a few days ago enables you to control your Teamspeak 3 Service from within your portal area on this website.

Simply click on "CPanels - Manage Services" button at the top right.
Then click on Teamspeak 3

You can now see your service Stop Start Restart buttons.


Hello! My ticket number is 192606. I would like to make a compliment to your staff Jay  for the excellent service he had provided me.  

We manage to set up our own website hosted by clanwarz, installed wordpress and teamspeak server name change effortlessly with his help!

Customer support is great and fast to respond. Thank you once again!

You can be sure that I will continue to do business with clanwarz many years to come!

Thanks again for everything!

Best wishes,

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How To Password Protect and Change Your Teamspeak 3 Server Name

Now that you have created your Teamspeak 3 DNS name, lets take a moment to place a password on your Teamspeak 3 Server. While we are in the Control panel, we will also show you how to change your Teamspeak 3 Server name without admin intervention.

First, Please be sure you logged into your Teamspeak 3 Control Panel
- Select TS3 Server Overview drop down menu
- Select Virtual Server Settings
- Click General Settings
- Type your server name as you would like it to appear from within your TS3 Server
- Now type a password you will give to your friends to connect to your server
- Scroll down and press the Save button

#Teamspeak #Server #Password  

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How To Find, How To Create and How To Use Your Teamspeak 3 Privilege Key

In the previous video, we demonstrated how easy it was to create a password to password protect your server. With that password, we will now show you how to login to your server. Once logged in, we will also show you how to use your #Teamspeak #Priviledge #Key to take full control over your TS 3 Server.

From within your Teamspeak 3 Control panel, we will also demonstrate how to find, how to delete and then how to create a new Server Admin Privilege Key.

First, Please be sure you logged into your Teamspeak 3 Control Panel
- Select TS3 Permission Overview drop down menu
- Click Privilege Keys
- Copy your Click Privilege Key
- Click your TS 3 Server address at the top right of the Control Panel
- Enter your server password
- Now paste your Click Privilege Key into the Click Privilege Key window
- You will see a success message followed by a Server Admin icon appearing to the right of your name

Congrats! You now have Admin Control Of Your Server and you are now "BOSS".

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Create A TS3 Service Record & Connect To Your Server With A Clanwarz Domain Name

Creating a TS3 DNS Record is simple here at Clanwarz. We have created a plugin that will allow you to create and manage TS3 DNS Service records. As long as you have an active Teamspeak 3 server here at Clanwarz, you can create and manage your TS3 Service Records without admin intervention.

- First, Please be sure you know your original Teamspeak 3 Server Hostname and Port
- You should have a welcome email from Clanwarz CP with your Teamspeak Hostname in the subject line
- You can also view your Hostname and Port at the top right of your Teamspeak 3 Control Panel
- Navigate To The Teamspeak 3 DNS - TSDNS product page - My Services > Teamspeak 3 DNS - TSDNS > View Details
- Type the name you would like to represent your group
- Choose one of our domain names from the drop down menu
- Type your TS3 Hostname from the email or control panel
- Type your TS3 Port from the email or control panel
- Press save

You can edit or delete the record by clicking the edit icon. You can connect to your Teamspeak 3 Server by clicking the headphones icon.

Hint: New created records take 5 seconds to work. Newly edited records can take up to 24 hours to work. You have a limit of 3 domain records. Instead of editing a TS3 domain record, simply create a new record and then delete the old one.


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How Lifetime Ventrilo is a Scam
There seems to be a few websites that are selling Lifetime Ventrilo. Let's focus on the logic behind the following scenario.
Someone pays $100 dollars for a 25 man ventrilo server for life.
Now here is one simple fact about Ventrilo
- Ventrilo is not free and us LICENSED PROVIDERS must pay a monthly fee
If a LICENSED PROVIDER pays .10 cents per slot per month, how long will that server stay live if the only cost was the .10 cents per slot?
.10 x 25 slots = $2.50 a month
$2.50 x 12 months = $30.00
$100 divided $30.00 = 3 years, 4 months
So if there was zero expenses other then the cost of Ventrilo, your server should stay live for 3 years, 4 months. Now add simple business expenses to the equation such as taxes, employees and office space.
Buying a #Lifetime #Ventrilo #Server   does not make much sense. It's not logical.

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Clanwarz Joins Amazon Web Services

Our web services have been moved to #AWS   -  #AmazonWebServices . All of our clients should see a performance increase along with latency decrease within the Control panel from anywhere in the world.


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Mumble Mumo Log File

After your #Mumo scripts are installed on your #Mumble #Server , click on the Stream Log on the mumo.log file. Your log should read as shown in the image. All #Modules and #Plugins have been carefully configured giving the client full control over all aspects within our Custom Mumble Panel.

Having fun with Mumble!

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24 Hour Mumble Mumo Server Giveaway

For the next 24 hours - ends tomorrow at 10 am cst, we will be giving away #Free 25 User #Mumble #Servers with #Mumo #Bot installed.

Simply choose your location - , configure your server and choose PayPal for Payment. Once you are at the invoice, we will do the rest. We'll process each request manually. You will receive your login details within 5 minutes.

While registering, the system will ask for your First name and Address. The Fraud system we use, maxMind, has a brain of it's own. If you fail it, we apologize now, so be as truthful as possible.

If you encounter any issues with your new Mumble Mumo Server, open a quick Support Ticket and we will attend to your request as soon as we can.

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