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Exciting news! We've added a product to our wholesale catalog! May we present - NuLeaf Naturals CBD Oils -

Retail Price: $38.50 5 ML or $99 15ML

Wholesale Price: Agents and members only

To become an agent or member of our wholesale discount network - please contact us

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What a breakthrough for our team, our company, and our industry. We are so proud to be on the front edge of the legalized hemp market.

Thank you to everyone involved in the alternative medicine and medical marijuana movement. Hats off to you. Because of your choices and actions to support this cause, people have a choice for their medicine. Your voices are heard and we're living the green dream.


Tracked our sample vials and they are now in Honolulu which means they will arrive to my office on Maui this week. I will send out samples immediately and keep everyone informed of our progress.

Aloha everyone - product arrived today! We're just waiting for the sample vials to come in from Amazon and they'll be shipped out to you.


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This is the walmart version of CBD oils and it retails for $70. Our product is almost 75% bigger and ours is $149. This further validates our price point. People who want the most efficient product - the Tesla of CBD oils choose ours.

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Here's the first CBD Dispensary in Amsterdam. This is the beginning of a global revolution in CBD therapy.

It's inevitable that the US will in fact have these types of stores, if they don't already.

Use this community board to learn how to expand your outreach to our neighbors and learn more about life changing CBD's.
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