Anyone wanna do an NaJ AU Roleplay? I'm bored. -_-

+Denz Borja
Felina: I'd be bored as hell. -_-

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I'm bored, so let's Role play! :3

Felina: Hey guys!
Charlette: Hi.
Past Self: Ugh, can't believe I agreed to this.


1. It's gotta be Undertale-related.
2. You can add a few bad words.
3. Sin is allowed. (I'm so sorry. ;-;)
4. Don't even think about spamming in here.
5. You can act as any characters.
6. You can invite me to join. (I LOVE Role Plays. :3)
Have fun everyone!!!!

-Undertale Friskies (Well, I WAS.)
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