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Man goes to prison for attempting to hijack web domain at gunpoint.

Hand over your excess domain inventory and unused C-block addresses, and no one gets hurt!

I've installed Linux as my primary OS, finally and still can't get away from Windows updates as I have to update the VM.

Karma or what...

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Build the apps your business needs with Google's App Maker.

Give it a try, so they have a reason to cancel it.

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Inventor says Google is patenting work he put in the public domain.

Don't be... what was that again? Don't be an eagle? Don't be Evel Knieval?

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Illegal memes? Weak Safe Harbor? Unpacking the proposed EU copyright overhaul.

If memes are outlawed, only outlaws will add text on pictures of cats!

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Net neutrality ends today.

Sky unfalling (for now).

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How drones saves the Earth by planting 100,000 trees a day.

Quite an interesting approach!

#savetheearth #environment #drones

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Google Promises Its A.I. Will Not Be Used for Weapons.

They're just working with the military in their fuzzier, cuddlier programs.

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Chatbots Were The Next Big Thing: What Happened?

You mean buzz and hooplah failed to manifest into reality?
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