Hey all! It's been a while since I have given much time to this group, but I am back and will do a bit more in this coming year. I just went though a blacken approval of the backlog of requests to join, so if you are new — WELCOME. Please feel free to introduce yourself and file under "Hello, my name is..." And please reread the rules. This is my group, so please tread carefully on the whole spammy thing. Thanks and I look forward to hanging out more here in 2016!

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Any chance you all could help me out with a research project and take a survey for me? For my dissertation, I am looking at the way that ministers' communication differs in different contexts.

I am trying to trim down my survey from its current version (appx. 15-20 minutes) to a more manageable survey size. But I need around 100 church staff to take the survey.

Please help out a fellow young adult minister and take my survey, and then forward it to everyone you know 😊.


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Here's an article about how social media can help you be a better pastor. I'd love to know your thoughts on this topic. (Don't offer an opinion if you haven't read the article please.) Thanks.

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Hi, thanks for accepting my request to join this group. My name is Derek Ouellette and I have a business/ministry helping church leaders leverage social media for their ministry. I've got an e-book out called "Church Leaders Online: 3 Reasons Why the Web Needs You" (free to my subscribers) and a physical book coming out called "Social Media and the Local Church." Currently I'm running a live webinar series by that same title (registration is now closed). You can find out more about me on my website: http://derekouellette.ca/ Thanks again!

It's time for our church to establish a social media policy.  I'd be interested to see what others are using.  Anyone willing to share theirs?

I'm taking the plunge and shifting from Keynote to Google Slides. Anyone have a theme or two that they really like?

Hey all, with the Fall season quickly approaching are there any interesting digital ministry developments happening in your community? Do share . . .

For sometime, I gave been using Remind101 to schedule and send out mass texts to my student ministry parents. It doesn't do EVERYTHING that I wish it Gould, but it's close. Yesterday, I sat through a presentation where a guy pitched me a professional, church-oriented texting service with all the bells and whistles...but costing $1,900/year.

Does anyone use a professional service of this kind, and do you think it is worth it?

I know that some of you are doing more and more video recording: interviews, messages, teasers, etc. What are you using to accomplish these things? Best practices, cool software, etc. Go . . .

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Is anyone creating YouVersion live events as a resource for their preaching and teaching? I'd love to see how other people are using it. I just made my first app modules for this past Sunday's sermon. While I was pleased with how it was received/used, I know I'm nowhere near unleashing its potential. 
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