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Name:Shadow Dani, or S. Dani for short
Personality:depends on how she's treated
Likes:pretty much everything
Dislikes: bullies, when someone messes with +Toad Kinopio​, spicy stuff
Power level:1
Grade:It's up to +Diamond Dust
Name:Shadow Gigi or S. Gigi for short
Personality:depends on how she's treated
Likes:pretty much everything
Dislikes:bullies, when someone messes with +Toad Kinopio
Power level:1
Grade:It's up to +Diamond Dust

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Name preferred to be called by: Hakuto Kagame
Real Name: Damian
Age: 19
Race: White
Body: Human Puppet
B-day: May 1st
D-day: May 1st (I killed myself on my b-day)
Gender: male
Personality: Shy, timid, doesn't stand up for myself but will put my life on the line for others
Like: Art, dancing, singing, being alone
Dislike: people disrespecting woman, being alone
Pet: Ueu, my Isopod
Power level: 1
Grade: 1
Magic/Power: Negative energy. (I can explain better in a rp)
Bio: (better told through rp)
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(Open rp)
Hakuto is walking about in the Black Rose Garden, the only place he feels welcomed. I walks around for a while then when he exits, he sees you with your friends. To avoid being seen he hides not wanting to be noticed

I have a question

Aurora walked around after the sun had went down. She had nothing to do so she had decided to wonder. After awhile of wander she went up to the balcony. when she went up there she saw you

Hello. Mind if i be here too?

Things seem a little dead around here 

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Quote:"My Honor and Pride are my life. You kill them then you already killed me"


Last name:Cult



Nickname to the other living beings:Samurai Ghost

Birthday:December 31

Race:Japanese and Caribbean

Occupation when she was alive:In high school while training to be the best samurai she can be


Occupation dead: She protects the innocent living.While she still keeps training to be the strongest samurai

Personality:Nice generous,Daring,loyal,Honest,Has an ego sometimes.

Likes:Training,Training with a partner,walking around the living and visit her family

Dislikes:Seeing the innocent hurt,people underestimating her someone not playing fair in battle and backstabbers and liars

Most active:People are fighting in her family's dojo while is night time

Mother:Dead (Caribbean)

Father:Alive (Japanese)

Siblings: A big sister (Alive)

Relationship Status: Single

Crush:None at the moment



Power level:1

Weapon: Her special designed katanas

How I died:Accidentally fell of a high ege

Bio:Ever since her death she had been afraid of heights

Theme song:Don't run way by Tyler James instrumental 

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Name: Allie Rose

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Personality: Daring, outgoing, rebels, loving, caring and smart

Likes: Reading, nature, singing, cooking, music, writing and dancing

Dislikes: Blood, whips, guns, and needles

How you died: Was kidnapped than murder

Power level: 1

Grade: 2

Bio: When I was six years old my mother and father left me alone with a boy who was 19 and was my babysitter for the weekend. He took me to a park where he gave me to a man in a van for some money. The man drove me a few states away and kept me there for ten years. One day I was trying and I got out, but as I was running from the house the guy shot me in the leg than the head. 
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Quotes: I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night

Name: Aurora Crimson

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Alias/ Nickname: Lady of the Night

Birthday: August 31

Zodiac: Virgo

Voice type: Soft Southern American accent, when singing its slightly angelic sounding

Race: ???

Occupation: Ghost

Personality: She is actually really nice, and caring. It might take awhile to get her trust. She can be a bit easy to tick off. She a night owl

Likes: Night time, Northern lights, snow, music, naps, food, stars, galaxies, clear skys

Dislikes: liars and imbeciles

When most active: when the sun goes down

Mother: Alive

Father: Alive

Siblings: none

Relationship: Single

Crush: none at the moment

Height: 5'0 in

Weight: 111.9 pounds

Grade: 3

Power lvl: 1

Appearance: Long light blue hair, pale skin, red eyes, she wears a long black dress that glows blueish in the night

Weapon:Black scythe

Bio: Died because of heart failure, since she wasn't born with strong heart

Theme song: https://youtu.be/u3T6hioBIiU- Meteor 
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Name: Toad

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Personality: Kind and nice, but shy and easily embaressed

Likes: Plushies, playing his guitar, being calm

Dislikes: Bullies

How you died: Suicide

Power level: (we all start out as 1)

Grade: (ill choose what grade you are)

Bio: (Just assuming life before the after life) Never knew his true family so was rise by forest creatures, left them by six, developed his personality when teased, kill himself at 12
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