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Plus Messenger updated.

New in version

- Mod P8.1 Keep original filename is enabled and working again
- Bug fixes and minor improvements

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Why video message dosen't work?
3.18.02 version
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"For security reasons, you can't terminate older sessions from a device that you've just connected. Please use an earlier connection or wait for a few hours."

This message appear when I want to terminate other sessions
Anybody can help,
Thos situation make me worried that other people can access my account.
I have follow the instructions how to terminate other sessions in privacy and security setting but still cant be done.
Hope anybody can help me for this issue as soon as possible 

Function request:
Showing second in time for messages 

Being based on telegram sources, which is under the GPL, the developer is REQUIRED to publish the source code of this app. +Serg io , please respect the wish of the original authors.

Plz update Telegramm version to Telegramm 4

So there seems to be a glitch with the newest update that causes all chats to mute automatically when you open them. It only happened once when you open a chat that you haven't opened since before the update but it is annoying for those users that have a large amount of chats (1k+). If someone could look into this that would be awesome.

i can't take screenshot chat on plus messenger.
How to fix it ?
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