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Name: Nebula Starburst
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Pegusis
Likes: Flying, winning, hunting, hiking, role play, marine biology, skirts, friends, music, video games, editing, Her pet (the dragon in the picture below) ,and her bow tie.
Dislikes: Smoking, walking, Foxy, and Rainbow Dash.
Bio: She lived in an orphanage and one day she flew to space and kicked a star and that blasted her back to Earth. She lives on a star close to mars. (Not too close)
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Name~ Flame myth
Age~ 17
Personality~ protective, funny, sweet, active, derpish at times, silly
Crush~ Currently single...
Likes~Her family, friends, lovable things, sometimes to do violent things with friends
Dislikes~ppl being mean, her sisters getting teased, when ppl call her Mysterious
Cm~ A heart on fire
Cm~ flame is a mare who wants active attention and due to her mane she gets lots of attention and feels loved by her family and friends suggested by Someone
you don't necessarily have to read the bio I was rushing so I just put her life story in just important parts of her life

Bio~ Flame is an emotional girl and her life is based around sadness when she was little her parents was dead and she had to live alone one day a alicorn took her in so she can safely be raised with him and she felt welcomed, she didn't know what to expect so she was always alert and always filled with rage and sadness knowing her parents was dead.... as time grew by she wanted to get away from her problems and she went in to join and protect canterlot from the changelings a few years later when she returned she found a little filly with red and blue eyes and her mane similar to hers right away she knew that was her sister the yellow mare and with that filly came some trouble the filly grew more and more evil and Troublesome and that made Myth angry...Myth didn't want the filly to see her anger so she put a spell on herself to make that Anger go away...but that Anger turned into a living nightmare and became part of the family she named herself Sparklez flame because of the sparkle in her hair..the three learned to live together and grew more happy calling themselves The Flamers but with that their father have to learn to live with the little devils and accept the consequences that came with them
art not by me
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Name: Lightning Thunder Kevin
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Breed: Alicorn
Crush: Rainbow Dash
Likes: Dubstep, Pizza, and Videogames
Dislikes: Pop, Anti-Brony Brotherhood, and Noisy Places
Special: King of Unity, Sonic Lightning, good at everything
Bio: I was born at the Crystal Empire as an Alicorn. I moved to Canterlot when I was 12 to look for a job. Then I realized that I had many talents such as baking, fixing stuff, acting, painting, crafting, etc. Then I moved to Ponyville where I met Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, AppleJack, and Rarity. Then I met Twilight after she and the others defeated Nightmare Moon. Later I moved to Cloudsdale next to Rainbow Dash. Later I realized that I could bring ponies together when I brought Princess Celestia and Princess Crystalis(or however you spell her name) together. Then I was crowned King of Unity.

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Name plasma toaster flaze

Age 19

Like evil

Gender male

Dislike pizza

King of EVIL and commander of team plasma i started as a filly i was a pegasus the i found a dark cloud that torn me in to a alicorn of darkes then i make a team called team plasma to kill enemies i hate.

Crush +Vinyl Maltbie​​​​​


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hello there

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Name: Thunder Mane
Tribe: Pegasus
Bf ro gf: boyfriend
Likes: friends,art,having fun
Dislikes :spiders, small spaces, bullies

Name: Night Walker
Gender: male
Race: Alicorn
Age: 18
Likes: to help his friends and will protect those in danger
Dislikes: bullying and violence
Crush: clouded moonbeam
Powers: (don't hate) shadow manipulation.
Bio: grew up fending for himself and born a regular unicorn pony he was trying his best to impress the princess, one day she gave him a special assignment to investigate a mysterious new land, when he arrived he came across a tyrannical ruler named satannis a powerful demon horse. He managed to defeat this foe and when he did the princess gave him his wings and then crowned him king of this new land. (Bio needs work tbh)

Ally Cream
Bf / Gf : .......I'm just going to say Chris
Likes : apples ,the mirror to the other world ,makes soda
Dislikes : Orange Juice, Rainbow Dash, and Lyra.
Breed : Unicorn
I'll put everything else in the comments because I forgot the rest XD

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Name Lightning fury

Age 22



Like food and help people and making new friends

Dislike vegetables and don't block me

Power red Lightning rod
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