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Hello all! As you know I connect entrepreneurs with virtual professionals through my company +Your Virtual Dream Team

I have an opening I am filling for a client. This is US-based only. And at this time it is retainer only until such time the services can be packaged. You submit your own proposals, contracts, etc.

This is a mix of General Admin, PA and some light technical.

I may split this into two people because it has been a challenge to find one person to do all.

You would need to have good grammar and copyrighting skills as she needs help with proofreading.

This lovely, enthusiastic and hard working client is all about educating women and legislature about VBAC and giving women greater rights to choose. She is highly efficient and organized. She is a speaker.

Email - following up with testimonials - give template, collect name, title, and photo - field speaking requests and direct them to the "schedule a time with me" link+
- field general questions and direct them to "schedule a time with me" link or post their question with an image to FB page+

- PDF receipts out of my inbox and file them in google drive+

- Record communication in Toodledo task+

- Field emails re: group rates, create & send invoices in PayPal, follow up as needed to field questions/support - customer service emails

- Calls: make personal appointments - dentist, ortho, etc, +

Research: - research travel - make online purchases+

Social Media:
- manage social media pages Wordpress (Divi template)+
- update bottom injection to correct lead magnet based on blog content+
- add FB comments to existing WP comments - proofread, find & size photos for blogs and post+
- add events to WP calendar Convertkit - proofread & format emails+
- add social media buttons to template: +
-Leadpages: update copyright year at bottom of pages

If this is something of interest, please head over to my assessment and use 1011 as the post number in the assessment. I need to know why you would be a good candidate for the job and what you can bring to the table. Try to be unique with your response.

Thank you!


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So as you may know, I match entrepreneurs with virtual professionals and since I have rebranded my VA practice, business has been robust.

I wanted to share what I have been doing to deal with clients who just want to 'pick my brain'.

Business owners would contact me and ask me endless questions. I didn't mind at all educating people on the benefits of working with a virtual assistant but these calls became all too consuming. And I had a business to run.

So I asked my business coach what I could do because networking with people is still a part of building relationships.

So I practiced containing these consultations to 15 minutes and responding to whatever it is somebody wants to know.

And if they're not ready to make a commitment to work with me as a VA Matchmaker I will offer them a $97 "Pick a VA's Brain" package and the conversation can continue there.

Many people have taken the offer because they're not ready to work with VA's but they're quite interested in knowing what it is that could be done for their businesses. And often by the time I'm finished with the paid consultation they realize that a VA can actually pay for themselves and they sign up to work with me.

So if you find that clients are contacting you to determine how a VA can help them with their business but they still need more coaching, consider creating a paid package.

This way clients will know that your time is valuable. That your expertise is valuable.


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+Jacqui James is seeking an InfusionSoft Expert for her team. I'm sharing her post. Contact her for details.
I'm looking for an Infusionsoft expert!!

Hi everyone, I'm looking for an InfusionSoft expert that is a wizz with back end ecommerce / website set up. The previous team are no longer contactable / interested and my client is keen to have someone come on board that can walk the walk not just talk the talk. Please send me a personal message so we can arrange a chat.

This is likely to be ongoing, not just a once off.

FYI, you will be working alongside me as I manage their projects.


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Thank you to +Susan Allen for sharing this post.

There are some nice tools I hadn't seen before to create free images.
Want to create infographics for clients or for your own use in your business? This handy article gives you thorough instructions and tips to create infographics quickly and easily!

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