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Just as a re-cap, our awesome moderators are:
+TRIPPY MLG banana 
+Dexify Gaming 
+Omega Alpha Boss
+Steven Lee
+Neranjan Kuppuswamy  
+Zorana Dragon 
and our owners are myself and +Sunn Y
Feel free to ask any of us for help or tips in the Questions and Discussion section or the comments of this post. Don't be afraid to tag us!

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Ho-Oh thinks he's funny with all these games he's playing!

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Hichigo and Ichigo from Bleach in Pikachu outfits.
Somehow this makes perfect sense.

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Our exploration of the Ancient Ruins teases us with so much more than mere treasure.

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Leveling caused us to upload late, but it was well worth it. We've got a tournament to win!

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Today we begin our search for one of the greatest Legends of all time!

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We discover the location of Nora, but it sounds like she doesn't want to be found.

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