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For Lent, try giving instead of giving up...

Give $1 a day for 40 days, and send a new pair of much needed sneakers to an orphan in Ukraine. All sizes are needed for kids aged 7-17.

Pledge now, by leaving a comment below :) God bless you!

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Hello Social Media for Good,

I found your Pinterest board Social Media 4 Good and was hoping I could collaborate and contribute to the board. I just started a blog geared toward helping new and small nonprofits and being able to share my content with your followers would be huge for me. My pinterest profile is here: Thank you for your time

- Kelsey

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In this week's podcast you'll learn about the tool If This Then That (IFTTT) and what it means to your productivity. 

If you've never heard of it before, I encourage you to listen to this episode. It allows you to offload some of those menial daily tasks and ultimately get closer to living a life with more margin. 

Also, the 5TIL (5 Things I Learned) covers:

1. A news app just for kids
2. A ridiculous piece of plastic for your phone addiction
3. NBA 2K15's amazing face-scan technology
4. A drone that you can control that will follow you and capture all of your awesomeness on a GoPro (brilliant innovation)
5. The flexibility "feature" of the new iPhone 6 Plus

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Thought I would share some of my angst with Facebook advertising. 

Have you ever filled out the unpublished page post ad and tried to figure out which box will show up where? Yeah, it sucks. 

So, I threw together this graphic so I'll never forget where the hell the Display Link goes. 

Figured I'd share with you because you are bad-ass...simply put. 

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Subscribe To +Social Media 4 Good on WordPress with One Click via Twitter

How does this work? Well, be sure to sign in to Twitter 1st, then click the link below. Once you click Subscribe Today, we will receive your name and email address and add you to our subscriber list. Done!

#SocialMedia4Good  on #WordPress:

Ever wanted to take a quick screen grab on a Mac? Command+Shift+4 and grab away! The image is saved on your desktop. #crazydadlife 

I work with a nonprofit that deals with mesh networks and technology, I'm trying to find a good website that will make it easier to find interesting facts, articles, etc about my topic? Something that puts everything in one place So i'm not spending hours browsing through Google Searches. Any Suggestions.

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#SocialMedia4Good welcomes @ngolinsky as a new moderator of our awesome community on Google+.

+Natasha Golinsky is on a distinguished path within our community and throughout the social web. She is the founder of
+Next Level Nonprofits, a nonprofit consultancy equipped to provide new Executive Directors with the skills and support they need to change the world.

Ms. Golinsky will delight us with her knowledge and experience in #nonprofit #leadership, #management, #marketing, and #socialmedia. She is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to learning more from her in the near future.

I'd like to thank our other moderators for their contributions within the community: +WomenOnCall +Action Donation Services +Troy Mickins

What the best non-profit blogs in the US and UK?
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