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nothing is as difficult as chasing this world through long years in the shadows of vanished parents. you could work your head off, if not, you wont be permitted any calm..................
this is the "why" for , to calm the uganda orphans that they can also gain without pain

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In this segment of the #BusinessOfGiving by #DenverFrederick, #RoxaneWhite, President and CEO of Nurse- Family Partnership, describes their org's mission, which is to help transform the lives of vulnerable first-time moms and their babies. Roxane outlines how the organization creates a culture of success through mutual motivation.

Both the podcast and transcript are right here for your listening OR reading pleasure.

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Here is your copy of the roadmap to lead generation!10 Tips for Generating Sales Leads  #smallbusiness #leadgeneration

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Earlier, in a comment on a post on Pinterest, I raised a question about posts which are blatant self-promotions of one's personal blog. In my notifications, I saw that the poster criticized me for attacking her, asking if I knew how long it took to write good content. But now, when I went to reply, the post -- along with all the posts in this community by that member -- do not show. I presume that this user has blocked my from seeing her content. That's not a great way to foster open dialogue.

And that doesn't help this community address the question. Perhaps my view will turn out to be diametrically opposed to the view of the owner, and thus irrelevant. Perhaps no other member of the community will agree with me. In both of those cases, I will have learned something from the dialogue, and that will be a good thing.

But perhaps others have the same or similar positions. Perhaps the discussion will lead to a stronger community, and in turn a stronger use of social media for good. In that case, the dialogue will be even better.

So I raise the issue here.

I have been concerned for some time that many of the posts here have become, in my view, nothing more than individuals self-advertising their own blogs, and doing so for the purpose of growing the stature of (and perhaps the income generated by) their own blogs.

My experience of this sort of posting -- where the member seems to be interested primarily in self-advertising -- weakens a community designed to foster dialogue. My experience spans several decades of working with electronic communities of numerous types and sizes, so I'm pretty comfortable with my assessment. And what I've learned from managing these communities throughout the years simply makes sense: when someone participates in a way that is primarily designed to draw attention to themselves, the participation rarely enhances the community.

I believe this dynamic can clearly be seen in this community. Take a look at the posts which are little more than links to the person's own blog and see how much conversation these posts generate. Very little.  (The average number of comments on the last 20 posts -- at least those showing to me -- is about one. The average post in this community is not even generating a dialogue between members, but numerous monologues. For those interested, the average number of +1s per post is about 3.)

If the purpose of this community is to be a repository of articles written by its members on the topic of social media, perhaps the community is a success (for it is likely that more than just those who +1-ed a post actually liked it). But if the purpose of this community is to encourage discussion of the use of social media, it seems to me that the community is a failure.

Of course, my observations are irrelevant if the creator and moderatorial team have a different vision of this community than I do. And if the majority of community members are content with the way things are, it might be best "to leave sleeping dogs lie," as the saying goes.

So . . . your thoughts?

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10 Ways to Share a Post with Gusto within the +Social Media 4 Good Community on Google+

To improve the sharing quality of your content within any Google+ Community, please consider these tips to ensure that your post achieves its intended longevity.

1. Complete Your Profile: I know it's fundamental, but plussers prefer to engage with real people and pages. Not a blue head. Take the time to fill in your profile details. After all, this is a networking community too.

2. Relevance Is Important: Carefully consider if your post is relevant to the Community. Sharing off-topic posts unrelated to the nature of the community will surely get your post removed. Repeat offenses will most likely get you banned.

3. Use Google+ Formatting: You can bold your magnetic post title and italicize any areas of emphasis as you write 2 to 4 sentences about your post.

4. Provide a Brief Narrative: Explain the nature of your link and what people can expect to find when they click. Your post should stimulate dialog and interaction within the Community.

5. Categorize Your Post: Be sure to share your post within the appropriate sub-category to help keep the Community organized. It makes it easier for new and existing members to find the information they need.

6. Credit Your Sources: When sharing other people's content, give credit where it is due by +mentioning the creator or h/t the +person or +page who you originally discovered it through. It's only right.

7. Use Full URLs: Refrain from using link shortening services to maintain the authenticity of what you are sharing. In most cases, this allows members to determine if your link is true and correct to the post description.

8. Be Responsive: Check your notification settings to ensure that you will receive an alert upon engagement from the posts you share. When people engage your content, it's important to answer any questions, provide additional reference, or simply say 'Thank you'.

9. Use Hashtags: Google+ does a pretty good job of establishing hashtags for your post, depending on your settings. Feel free to use a couple of hashtag related to your content at the very bottom of your post.

10. Be An Amazing Social Citizen: Engage with other members by plussing, sharing, and commenting on their content. This will increase your likelihood to connect with new plussers, establish yourself as a SME, and cause reciprocity upon your posts.

I recently wrote a journey article on Google+ for Your Nonprofit Marketing Mix: Profile, Page, & Community which applies to anyone across this vibrant social platform. Feel free to check it out for additional insights.

I hope you found this post informative and inspiring. Did I miss anything? Which points stand out for you the most?
#gplustips   #gpluscontent   #gpluscommunities   #socialmediatips   #sm4good  

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Borrowed from the Google+ Community Member Guide: How to Recognize Post-Worthy Content via @Socializations

Please Retweet:

We had to share this chapter from +Socialize Me to ensure that everyone understands why they are posting within the Social Media 4 Good Community.

Is it useful?
Is the post something that will interest the audience?

Is it relevant?
Is the post answering a question, solving a problem, sharing insight, or provoking debate?

Is it informative?
Is the post providing informative content from a new perspective?

Is it educational?
Is the post a tutorial, how-to, DIY guide or Infographic that can expand abilities, interests, knowledge or skill in some way?

Is it entertaining?
Is the post entertaining, amusing, engaging or inspiring to the community?

Please bookmark and read this comprehensive Google+ Community Member Guide to get some solid ideas about the proper etiquette for this platform and pick up some cool tips while you're at it.

#googleplustips #gplustips #gplusposts #gpluscommunitytips #googlepluspotd

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Social Media 4 Good Community Guidelines

I have drafted an initial set of guidelines for the Social Media 4 Good Community. This is a working document which we will modify with continuous member input.

Please review the attached file and make recommendations for improvement via this thread. If I've missed something,  your feedback is appreciated. As we move towards making the SM4Good Community an amazing destination for supporting humanity through social media, my gratitude for your contributions surmount.

Peace and blessings to you all.

#ShoutOut to +Peter G McDermott for his influence in the development of these guidelines.
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