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10 Ways to Share a Post with Gusto within the +Social Media 4 Good Community on Google+

To improve the sharing quality of your content within any Google+ Community, please consider these tips to ensure that your post achieves its intended longevity.

1. Complete Your Profile: I know it's fundamental, but plussers prefer to engage with real people and pages. Not a blue head. Take the time to fill in your profile details. After all, this is a networking community too.

2. Relevance Is Important: Carefully consider if your post is relevant to the Community. Sharing off-topic posts unrelated to the nature of the community will surely get your post removed. Repeat offenses will most likely get you banned.

3. Use Google+ Formatting: You can bold your magnetic post title and italicize any areas of emphasis as you write 2 to 4 sentences about your post.

4. Provide a Brief Narrative: Explain the nature of your link and what people can expect to find when they click. Your post should stimulate dialog and interaction within the Community.

5. Categorize Your Post: Be sure to share your post within the appropriate sub-category to help keep the Community organized. It makes it easier for new and existing members to find the information they need.

6. Credit Your Sources: When sharing other people's content, give credit where it is due by +mentioning the creator or h/t the +person or +page who you originally discovered it through. It's only right.

7. Use Full URLs: Refrain from using link shortening services to maintain the authenticity of what you are sharing. In most cases, this allows members to determine if your link is true and correct to the post description.

8. Be Responsive: Check your notification settings to ensure that you will receive an alert upon engagement from the posts you share. When people engage your content, it's important to answer any questions, provide additional reference, or simply say 'Thank you'.

9. Use Hashtags: Google+ does a pretty good job of establishing hashtags for your post, depending on your settings. Feel free to use a couple of hashtag related to your content at the very bottom of your post.

10. Be An Amazing Social Citizen: Engage with other members by plussing, sharing, and commenting on their content. This will increase your likelihood to connect with new plussers, establish yourself as a SME, and cause reciprocity upon your posts.

I recently wrote a journey article on Google+ for Your Nonprofit Marketing Mix: Profile, Page, & Community which applies to anyone across this vibrant social platform. Feel free to check it out for additional insights.

I hope you found this post informative and inspiring. Did I miss anything? Which points stand out for you the most?
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Hurt People are everywhere. Every place, corner store, down the road, in the alleys, under a clown facade. Every generation, business and mode of life.

Hurt , often related to some long forgotten trigger plays tricks on our own perceptions. Take the perceived hurt of a child. Very real, time consuming and tops the fear charts popularity factors.

Place that fear trigger in an unbiased adults eyes. Now see and wonder what all the fuss is about.

Generations later the inner layers may start to peel away. Healing for one person beings to start. Little by little the people around see and some respond. Allowing a moving on from that time of darkness. Leave behind the ones who are stubborn. Holding onto you so that they do do not have to change. Faceit to live, yes actually get out and live life.... ever change will challenge you. Conversely ever challenge will change you. Three things we recognise about life. Change is a constant. The end and taxes [ probably the same thing though] will happen.

Norted you are reading this post. What grabbed your attention? In the attached post is a small piece on a relative pain point. Communicate through or around a pain point. Even if you have to turn something messy into something truly beautiful.

Comment: Never be afraid to love deeply.

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Hi Dear,
I'm reaching out to ask for your support for my online fundraiser: "Help the Hope to Make Empower Women's Project."
There are a few ways to help:
1. Donate - Everything helps. Even small donations have a big impact.
2. Post to Facebook - The more people who hear about us, the more likely we are to meet our target.
3. Share with your community - Call your friends, tell your co-workers, make an announcement at your organization's event to spread the word.
Generosity has zero platform fees, so your donation goes farther to help us reach our goal.

Thank you!
Lalitha Sampathi

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Here are seven ways that will improve telling your stories to make your marketing stand out from the crowd, plus some excellent examples to learn from:

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The heart of most marketing campaigns has been the website. The biggest problem with most websites however is that they are instantly forgettable. They say the same thing as your competitors. You see two possible results from this problem.

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Need help boosting your donor development? Check out this executive checklist to see a concise version of the key things that you should consider!

Our group is having it's 1st holiday campaign May No Tree Be Left Empty Santa Box Holiday Drive. To support the families who reached out to us in need of help in providing their children with gifts this Christmas. We started with 3 Families quickly grew to 7 families with total 14 children. To support and donations from myself and a couple other generous indidviduals. We made boxes and giftbags with gifts and items for most of the children. As of now we have 4 children remaining who are counting on us to have a brighter Christmas. I personally am donating 2 items for ' donor incentive prizes' fron 12/18-12/22 for Each item donated you will be given a # *(More items= More Chances to Win) for prizes 1st Prize Xbox original edition w/2 games 2nd prize $25 Dunkin Donuts gftcrd. Drawing will be held 12/23 winners announced through our social media sites. I'm hoping this will reach more individuals who are interested in getting involved in our cause and helping us help make Christnas special for some deserving families! Contact me if interested.

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This year is expected to be, and already has been to some degree, a volatile year for social media. And as someone responsible for anything to do with social media, learning new trends should always be at the top of your agenda.

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8 Ways Steve Jobs Would Change Your Social Media Engagement
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