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10 Ways to Share a Post with Gusto within the +Social Media 4 Good Community on Google+

To improve the sharing quality of your content within any Google+ Community, please consider these tips to ensure that your post achieves its intended longevity.

1. Complete Your Profile: I know it's fundamental, but plussers prefer to engage with real people and pages. Not a blue head. Take the time to fill in your profile details. After all, this is a networking community too.

2. Relevance Is Important: Carefully consider if your post is relevant to the Community. Sharing off-topic posts unrelated to the nature of the community will surely get your post removed. Repeat offenses will most likely get you banned.

3. Use Google+ Formatting: You can bold your magnetic post title and italicize any areas of emphasis as you write 2 to 4 sentences about your post.

4. Provide a Brief Narrative: Explain the nature of your link and what people can expect to find when they click. Your post should stimulate dialog and interaction within the Community.

5. Categorize Your Post: Be sure to share your post within the appropriate sub-category to help keep the Community organized. It makes it easier for new and existing members to find the information they need.

6. Credit Your Sources: When sharing other people's content, give credit where it is due by +mentioning the creator or h/t the +person or +page who you originally discovered it through. It's only right.

7. Use Full URLs: Refrain from using link shortening services to maintain the authenticity of what you are sharing. In most cases, this allows members to determine if your link is true and correct to the post description.

8. Be Responsive: Check your notification settings to ensure that you will receive an alert upon engagement from the posts you share. When people engage your content, it's important to answer any questions, provide additional reference, or simply say 'Thank you'.

9. Use Hashtags: Google+ does a pretty good job of establishing hashtags for your post, depending on your settings. Feel free to use a couple of hashtag related to your content at the very bottom of your post.

10. Be An Amazing Social Citizen: Engage with other members by plussing, sharing, and commenting on their content. This will increase your likelihood to connect with new plussers, establish yourself as a SME, and cause reciprocity upon your posts.

I recently wrote a journey article on Google+ for Your Nonprofit Marketing Mix: Profile, Page, & Community which applies to anyone across this vibrant social platform. Feel free to check it out for additional insights.

I hope you found this post informative and inspiring. Did I miss anything? Which points stand out for you the most?
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I bet you would like to be on the first page of Google when people search for your products. Who wouldn't. It's an endless supply of customers.

But let's face it. It's a very very hard task to achieve. You not only need real pros at SEO, but decent budget and time. But as they say "when there's a will, there's away".

You don't have to compete with major brands and their army of SEO professionals. Use your small company advantage. Being small means you can react quicker. And this gives you a big advantage over huge companies, where things move a lot slower.

Take social media. You've seen thousands, of videos, pictures go viral just because they are funny, cute, awkward and etc. Do you think they bring traffic to the site? Of course they do.

"So, what now?" I hear you ask.

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Pemandangan alam itu gratis tapi sangat berharga, kalau mau bayar cukup menjaga dan merawatnya saja...

ini dia salah satunya alam yang patut kita jaga, tetp lestari sepanjang masa "Tanah Lot Bali"

hayo siapa yang pernah kesono...komen dong

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On the 4 year anniversary of our sons death, we opened a GoFundMe to help fund Kindergarten children with school supplies. We hope to raise enough money so on Kalebs 5th year anniversary we can donate to every Kindergarten teacher at the school he would have attended. His 5 year anniversary coincides with what would be his first week in Kindergarten. Please consider helping by donating if you can or simply by sharing. Thank you and much love to you all.
#GoFundMe #LittleAngel

I have never done business with anyone on social media that I didn't know first! If you are spending all of your time posting links look around and you will see this is a dead end street. Put your energy into engaging in groups. Make a connection today. Think about it.

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Everyone deserves a home. Help make a difference. Please donate & support amazing project Homeless Ashes ➽➽

Over 100 Million people are homeless worldwide, all of them have a story.

#helphomeless #endhomelessness #help #change #world #donate #support #kindness #life #homeless 

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Instagram stories yes or no? This is my opinion.. 

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Do you want to use Pinterest as a marketing for your Business?This article will give you the essential dos and don’ts for the best chance of success #pinterest   #socialmediamarketing   #marketingstrategy  

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Do you want more success with Social Selling? In this video I tell you everything about the LinkedIn SSI pillar: Engage with insights. This will help you to improve your SSI score and to be more successful with Social Selling!
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