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10 Ways to Share a Post with Gusto within the +Social Media 4 Good Community on Google+

To improve the sharing quality of your content within any Google+ Community, please consider these tips to ensure that your post achieves its intended longevity.

1. Complete Your Profile: I know it's fundamental, but plussers prefer to engage with real people and pages. Not a blue head. Take the time to fill in your profile details. After all, this is a networking community too.

2. Relevance Is Important: Carefully consider if your post is relevant to the Community. Sharing off-topic posts unrelated to the nature of the community will surely get your post removed. Repeat offenses will most likely get you banned.

3. Use Google+ Formatting: You can bold your magnetic post title and italicize any areas of emphasis as you write 2 to 4 sentences about your post.

4. Provide a Brief Narrative: Explain the nature of your link and what people can expect to find when they click. Your post should stimulate dialog and interaction within the Community.

5. Categorize Your Post: Be sure to share your post within the appropriate sub-category to help keep the Community organized. It makes it easier for new and existing members to find the information they need.

6. Credit Your Sources: When sharing other people's content, give credit where it is due by +mentioning the creator or h/t the +person or +page who you originally discovered it through. It's only right.

7. Use Full URLs: Refrain from using link shortening services to maintain the authenticity of what you are sharing. In most cases, this allows members to determine if your link is true and correct to the post description.

8. Be Responsive: Check your notification settings to ensure that you will receive an alert upon engagement from the posts you share. When people engage your content, it's important to answer any questions, provide additional reference, or simply say 'Thank you'.

9. Use Hashtags: Google+ does a pretty good job of establishing hashtags for your post, depending on your settings. Feel free to use a couple of hashtag related to your content at the very bottom of your post.

10. Be An Amazing Social Citizen: Engage with other members by plussing, sharing, and commenting on their content. This will increase your likelihood to connect with new plussers, establish yourself as a SME, and cause reciprocity upon your posts.

I recently wrote a journey article on Google+ for Your Nonprofit Marketing Mix: Profile, Page, & Community which applies to anyone across this vibrant social platform. Feel free to check it out for additional insights.

I hope you found this post informative and inspiring. Did I miss anything? Which points stand out for you the most?
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How to start making money on social media without a large following💸 Strategies, tips and How-To guide👇🏻

Here’s how:

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John Lusher is a connector, speaker, referral partner and lifelong student of marketing, media, and life. He is a speaker, blogger, voice artist as well as cigar and coffee connoisseur.

He has a strategic partnership and works closely with The Social Buzz Lab and Erika Design to provide Graphic Design and Brand Development/Management. He is a Social Media Scientist for The Social Buzz Lab.

He is also the founder of John Lusher Consultancy which specializes in Social Media, Marketing Consulting, and Community Management. Services include Social Profile Development, Brand Management, Network Development, and Training.

In his interview with Social Champ, John Lusher explained Why is Community the Most Important Element in Social Media? He also told his story of how he started from the bottom and managed to become one of the most renowned social media influencers, he emphasized on that fact that Social Media boundaries of usage are expanding every day, along with the key concepts of utilizing social media productively are also evolving, so the marketers need to update their skill sets accordingly.

He also talked about how automation is affecting the social media campaigns, and how the social media tools should be used in branding strategies

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Instagram Follow Block – This action is blocked – Tips & Solutions

Every now and then, each Instagram marketer or anyone who uses the Follow/Unfollow strategy to grow their Instagram accounts gets this unpopular message from Instagram – the follow block. It happens for a variety of reasons, we will list them below along with solutions that will help you solve the follow blocks and avoid them […] The post Instagram Follow Block – This action is blocked – Tips & Solutions appeared first on Jarvee .

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Since 2013, over 200 underground artists, activists and everyday people have taken their turn on Center Stage.

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There has been a rise in the number of people using Reddit for Business. Reddit experiences more than 100 million page views on a monthly basis making it the 8th most popular website in the world.

Let's find out some of the interesting facts related to Reddit in this blog

#marketingonreddit #redditads #reditforbusiness #redditstistics

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Narcissism signs and symptoms can be easily overlooked.

Here are a few ways to help you cope with a narcissist and ways to handle narcissistic behavior.

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Teamwork is close cooperation between cross-trained employees who are familiar with a wide range of jobs in their organization Team-building Is high interaction among group members to increase trust and openness.
Problems Around The Globe
• Scheduling Difficulties
• Communication Problems
• Collaborating on Projects
• Time Management If Team Members Are From Different Time Zones
• Difficulty Tracking Employee Performance
• Lack of Trust and Cohesion within Your Team
• Personal life and work-life imbalance
• Rights Of Social Media Profiles
What We Find In Our Community?
• People are working towards a shared purpose and common goals and
• In so doing they are sharing their varied skills in complementary roles and in cooperation with each other.

Possibilities and Chances
• Play to Individual Strengths
• Map Goals and Timelines
• Ensure Clear Communication
• Discuss How Different Opinions Will Be Resolved
• Create Individual Plans for Every Team Member
• Provide Ongoing Feedback for the Group as a Whole
• Add Positives to Any Negatives

What We Did Then?
Social Champ introduced Team Feature
Manage everything single-handedly
Share your social media pages with team
Track their performance
Why Do You Need The Team Feature?
• Workflow Feasibility
• Task Assignment
• Detailed analytics
• Save Time, Increase Productivity
• Keep Your Brand Alive!

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Generating a high number of content shares on social media is key to overcoming engagement obstacles for a number of reasons: Social shares amplify your content. No kidding, right?

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