Hello everyone.
I am the new kira.
If I understand correctly this is a troll page, one in which your purpose is nothing more than annoy these wanna-be-heroes groups.
To be honest you probably didn't know this yourselves, but... I hate to break it to you but you haven't affect them one bit.
Now if what you want is too keep on poking the beast, go ahead, keep been pointless.
However, if you want to make a true spectacle...
Join me. Join me in my cause to destroy those groups, those which grew more than they ever should, those that spread like deceases around the glove.
If you join me, they shall collapse by our strikes.
And the best part, we get to watch as they go down.

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This is a new community, no commitment needed, no responsibility, just raid to raid, and if you can hack, employers can pay you.


So... Reversing Pangea? Whos with me?

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I have a raid. You go when you want to

i like memes.

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Anyone alive?

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This idiot cave has to go

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