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Change Management, Employee Engagement & Internal Communication Forums for Queensland and NSW

These forums have received a tremendous response and the forums do have a seating capacity limit to keep the forums interactive

Creating Open Internal Communication and Organisational Change Days
25-26 October 2017, Novotel Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Each Day is Separately Bookable

The Organisational Open Garden: Australia 2017: Internal Communication and Employee Engagement
31 Oct - 2 Nov 2017, Novotel Sydney Central, Australia
The Latest Technologies, Methods and Wisdom to be Effective with the Shifting Landscape

Case studies, strategies and interactive sessions from:
Toll Group
World Vision
Australia Post
Engage & Grow
Victoria Police
SWOOP Analytics
Chubb Australasia
BPS Communications
The Change Agency
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
Redgrass Communications
Hilton Manufacturing Pty Ltd
Moonee Valley City Council
Department of Premier and Cabinet
TransLink Division (Transport and Main Roads)
Cropley Communication & the Centre for Strategic Communication Excellence

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A Medibank Case Study: Looking at the future role of internal communication, employee engagement & gamification

Most employees in an organisation don’t think top-down broadcasting is all that engaging, but are very keen to engage with senior management.

How do you turn leaders and internal communicators from broadcasters into engagers, and how can you use gamification as a highly effective tool and how do you measure the resulting outcome.

Evita Puccio, the Internal Communications Business Partner at Medibank will deliver a highly effective case study with Cai Kjaer, the CEO of SWOOP Analytics called: "Turning top-down communication on its ear" at:

The Organisational Open Garden: Australia 2017: Internal Communication and Employee Engagement
31 Oct - 2 Nov 2017, Novotel Sydney Central, Australia
The Latest Technologies, Methods and Wisdom to be Effective with the Shifting Landscape

Today both the public and private sectors recognise the importance of being at the forefront of innovative tools and methodologies within
Internal Communication and Employee Engagement.

This new forum brings together Internal Communication and Employee Engagement that will showcase case studies and strategies on how to
build the roots, then nurture and grow an innovative, open and strong organisation.

Each day is separately bookable or you can save more by attending all three days.

Case studies and Strategies delivered by:
Victoria Police
Engage & Grow
SWOOP Analytics
Chubb Australasia
The Change Agency
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
Redgrass Communications
Hilton Manufacturing Pty Ltd
Moonee Valley City Council
Department of Premier and Cabinet

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Digital Transformation is in part about make tech simple to use.

Think a non-technical person could build a great looking #Intranet in less than 45-minutes?

Register and find out ->

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READY… AIM… ENGAGE AND COLLABORATE: Strategic Internal Communication Australia 2017

Strategic Internal Communication Australia 2017
One-day case study led forum
22-23 February 2017, Novotel on Collins, Melbourne
The 11th Annual Gathering of Communication Professionals

An Interactive Forum to Making: Your Team become a Powerhouse in Your Organisation

This event is designed to provide managers and leaders within the internal communication space new and practical ways to renovate their internal communication strategies, improve crisis management preparedness, amplify the power of your brand, and find and leverage influencers. Hear real case studies, tip, ideas and working examples and get your team on the same page!

Hear practical case study presentations from:
Level Crossing Removal Authority
Target (TBC)
Jetstar Group
Yarra City Council
Cropley Communication & the Centre for Strategic Communication Excellence

Communicating when there’s a lot of bad news
Getting buy-in from leaders and employees
Establishing a framework and selecting the best channels
Keeping your team (and yourself) engaged through tough times
Best practice advice on overcoming obstacles
Interactive discussion: where to put your focus to be the strategic business partner
What is the new way?

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What apps do you use in your business?

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Program Release: Knowledge Management Australia 2016 - NASA, Irish Defence Force, Singapore Power and more

Knowledge Management Australia 2016
2-4 August 2016, Rydges Melbourne
Two-Day Connected Congress, 6 Pre-Forum Workshops, 2 World Cafes and 1 KM Clinic  #kmaus

Innovation, Agile KM, Storytelling, Working Out Loud, Barriers to KM, Tools and Tech Enablers and more will be covered through the most interactive and hands-on KM Australia we have ever had.

The Leaders for KM Australia 2016 who will deliver
Case Studies, Innovative Practical Strategies and Processes:
Dreamworks – USA(former Head of Training)
Irish Defence Force - Ireland
Australian Renewable Energy Agency
Singapore Power
Woods Bagot
Social Media Navigator
University of Wollongong
Australian Health Services
Research Institute
AcKnowledge Consulting
Intelligent Answers
Department of Human Services
Melbourne University

Foxtel, Target, World Vision Australia and the Future of Internal Communication

One of the most important communication forums is coming up soon and through a case study forum it will look at:

Stopping the Noise and Moving Forward through Innovation and Engagement
Identify the key ‘bits’ of internal communication
The Future of Internal Communication
Integrate digital channels into an overarching IC strategy
Measurement and ROI

Looking Around the Next Corner - Strategic Internal Communication 2016
One-day connected forum and two post-forum workshops
9-10 February 2016, Rydges Swanston, Melbourne

Share and Learn with:
World Vision Australia
Macquarie University
Cropley Communication

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Strategic Internal Communication 2015 - Australia
Effective Employee Engagement for Real Business Benefits and Tangible Results
One-day connected case study led forum and two post-forum workshops
10-11 February 2015, Rydges Melbourne

Take part and learn with expert practitioners from:
Tesco HSC (India):
Blog author of India’s and Asia’s first dialogue on internal communication – Intraskope
World Vision Australia,WorleyParsons, ACE Insurance, Kimberly-Clark Australia & New Zealand, Evolve Information Services, Anecdote, Swinburne University of Technology, Australian Catholic University

Post-forum workshops: Wednesday, 11 February 2015
Workshop A:
Getting The Most Of Your Employees’ Efforts
Facilitated by: Aniisu K Verghese, Internal Communication Lead, Tesco HSC
Workshop B:
Communicating For Success: Transformation Through Strategic Corporate Communication
Facilitated by: Les Pickett, Chief Executive Pacific Rim Consulting Group and Partner
Australasia and South East Asia McBassi & Company

This interactive forum offers a gamut of case studies from various industries that demonstrate how organisations are successfully engaging their staff using strategic internal communication tactics. We will explore: 
* The evolving engagement landscape 
* Managing employee engagement in times of change and disrupt 
* Using enterprise social networking for effective internal communication
* Storytelling for effective internal communication and change management

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The Department of Communications and how they are responding to Change

David Sibley, Manager Internal Communication at the Department of Communications delivers at case study on seizing opportunities in a time of chaos, working within your means and linking internal communication with strategic realities at Internal Communication within the Australian Public Sector, this September 2014.

Facing the Challenges

Best Practice Internal Communication within the Australian Public Sector 
Constantly evolving technology, limited resources and engaging your employees during times of change
One day interactive forum with two half day post-forum workshops
16-17 September 2014, Rydges Capital Hill, Canberra

$895 plus gst to attend the forum if you join before the early bird

- The make-or-break factor in managing change
- Strategic Internal Communications strategies to take hold of change 
- Seizing opportunities in a time of chaos 
- New and tested digital, social media and innovative multimedia tools to engage 
- Gaining support from senior managers and demonstrating ROI 
- Case studies and techniques on coaching leaders
- Culture levers: From theory to practice 
- Engaging effectively during organisational culture change 
- Creating attention-grabbing, influential and effective content 
- Empowering employees to be reputation ambassadors 

This two day interactive forum brings together practitioner case studies, thought leaders and academic research from: 
City of Sydney
Yarra Valley Water
Australian Government Solicitor
Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
Deakin University
Department of Communications
NSW Businesslink
Neryl East Communication


Public Sector Human Resources 2014
An active planning and transition guide
ONE DAY ONLY  -  15 September 2014, Rydges Capital Hill, Canberra 

With new workplace scenarios, come new workplace challenges

This highly unique and cost effective agenda will give you the practical knowledge via a forum setting – hear from your industry peers while also engage in a hands-on interactive workshop on Linking Strategy and HR Action, all set across just one day. It is now or never.

Plan, Adapt, Create & Forge Ahead

Confirmed Experts from:
Australian Public Service Commission
Australian Defence Force
Department of Finance
Australia Post
Workforce Planning Australia


The Australian Change Management Toolkit 2014
Resilience, Innovation, Adaptability and Transformation
One Day Interactive Study Group, Tuesday, 26 August 2014, Rydges Melbourne
$995 plus gst, register early and save $100

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The Australian Government Social Media Best Practice Toolkit 2014 
The Third Edition 
One day connected forum with post-forum workshops 
9-10 April 2014, Clifton Suites on Northbourne, Canberra, Australia 
#agsm2014 and #govonline
This is an essential annual forum for the public sector in Australia for all areas to attend, not only to learn, but gain hands on knowledge to take advantage of new technologies  

Hear from:
Sydney Water
Twitter Australia
Royal Australian Air Force
Australian Bureau of Statistics
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Department of Immigration and Border Protection
Queensland Police Service

* Integrating multiple campaigns
* Online relationship and reputation management
* Using Twitter to engage with your audience
* Social Media governance and policy development
* Leveraging social media for improved service delivery
* Emerging trends and the future
* The age of ethical leaking
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