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Welcome to the Toronto/GTA Enlightened Community for Ingress. Here’s how to get access to the private community.

Ensure that you’ve signed up for Google+ with a valid E-Mail address.
Take a screenshot of your Agent tab within the Ingress Scanner and share it to your Google+ Profile as a public post.
Follow this link ( to complete the online form which will register you in our database. It is important to provide the required information so an Admin can properly review your request.

An Admin will send a verification code which you will then be required to confirm.

Please be aware that there are restrictions for access into the private community and Slack. If you don't receive an invite right away please be patient.

Thanks for your interest in joining the community!


Hello anyone around in here playing

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Just started Ingress this evening!

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Just watch the first 90 secs lol

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My #Ingress agent profile.

Good morning,! New to the community and I wanted to introduce myself.

Anyone out Ingressing this weekend?

Hi, I'm coming up to Toronto for a study abroad program and will be in town from May 16-June 30. It would be cool to meet up with some of the local ENL players.

Hello hope no one minds thought I'd say hi
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