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Art contest time! Use #CookieConTwo so I can easily find it! Also tag me!
Pick any of my critters that I provide!
Keep in mind I LOAF realistic!
I also have not had Gore art yet!

1ST- Magenta, Gold, and Blackout collars!
2ND- Pink Designer skirt, Promo chief hat, and Rare Friendship Bracelets
3RD- Rare Purple Beard, Rare LadyBug Hat, and Rare Tiara
Hope the prizes are good enough!

Because you asked! +Floofly AJ
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The Forgotten Desert is an awesome adventure great for finding rare treasures - how about you play it and tell us what you got from the adventure? We would be more than delighted to know!

I hate when you host a fashion show or whatever at your den and an arctic wolf will come and think you are hosting a trading party.

One time a wolf came because they thought I was hosting a yard sale...

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Someone said this one is Killer Keemstar


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