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Name: Microgam3r
Age: ???
Gender: Stallion
Species: Alicorn
Likes: Games, Adventures, Epicness Friends
Dislikes: Boredom, my father, my dark side, being alone
Disabilities: When casting dark magic for a brief moment, he releases the dark side within him
Bio: Adventurous, compassionate, but usually a show off.

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Name: Light Grace
Gender: Mare
Age: ??? (At most 300)
Species/Race: Angel Pony (Not a pegasus)
Likes:  Fillies, Colts, Nice ponies, other angels, and nice ponies
Dislikes: Evil ponies and Mean ponies
Bio: She was born as a earth pony during the hard times in the kingdom and was orphaned at a very young age. She died when she was 7 years old, and she was accepted to heaven she studied and for years to become a guardian angel so no pony will have the same lonely fate she has. When she became an angel she got her wings and it took her years to get used to them. If angels get their halo's broken they will no longer be a part of heaven. 
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Name:draco scratch
Race: dragon pegasus
Likes to play with others and having fun
Dislikes pain suffering and bullying
Bio: was born a dragon pegasus mom was a pegasus dad was the dragon

Light Grace is laying on a high cloud looking around the town

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Name: Princess Akira Diamonds
Age: 300
Gender: Mare
Type/Race: Alicorn
Likes: Alicorns, diamonds, beauty, kindness, love.
Dislikes: Anger, ugliness, hate, dark ponies.

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Name: Icy Turquoise
Gender: Mare
Age: 5
Type: Unicorn
Disability: None
Bio: Was thought of as weird and mean. Was bullied everytime at school. Was hated by everypony except for her family. Never said a word. All her classmates called her bad names. Until she got her cutie mark, a musical note and a book. She was good at singing and very smart and wise. Finally, from then on her classmates all finally thought good of her.

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Hears a faint voice from down the castle hallway Huh? What was that?

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Disability: Cannot hear other ponies talk. Or shout. Cannot hear well.
Bio: Since a filly, she could not hear the other ponies talk and was thought of as rude. When she became ruler, she was determined to hear better from then on. Now she is still hard in hearing but hears better than before.

hi im new here i love rping but i don't have a pony pic rp with
Name: kitita winter
Gender: female
Age: 18
Type: pegasi
likes: pink blue purple black going really fast
dislike: rude people
disability: none
Bio: my family was killed by strangers i did't know at all, i just sat there watching them murdering my family in front of me and i five at the time when it happened. continued my life as a flyer and someday i will find a new family that i'll protect this time. 
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