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For my cohort colleagues: This community is a replica of one I am using right now with my Sophomore Honors students. I have anonymously posted some of their responses to threads we've had so far, so you can get an idea of how we are using this tool. Also, I am planning to use this space for online discussion and meaning making (with Catcher in the Rye) while I am at a curriculum meeting next Tuesday--I'd be happy to let you join and observe the actual class in action if you are interested.

I really like this forum! Students could access it anytime and reply to each other. Great idea!

Great way to collaborate with students. They can get on this forum any time which is great because they don't really start doing homework until 10:30 anyway!

Wow! I had never seen Google+ Community in action so this assignment was the first time I've explored any sites. I love how you set yours up. This is the first time that I've seen streaming. I definitely need to look into this further. Great site!

I like this as an alternative to Classroom or another Blogger site to share information! Is it easy to find information or does each thread get lost in the mix of the stream?

I like that you shared a replica of what you are actualyl using with your students. I like that the student responses are streaming with the most recent at the top. I haven't used Google + Communities, but this looks very cool and organized. I feel like students will really get into the discussions as they are reading. I want to hear how your class on Tuesday goes, Maybe you can share a little at class on Wednesday?

I really like this tool - it's a better version of using Today's Meet!

Thanks for sharing!

This is an interesting way to use Google+. I think the chat would be very beneficial to your students and it makes me want to explore other ways to use Google+ with my students.

ALLUSIONS!! Use this discussion thread to post modern day allusions (to movies, books, authors, etc.) that Salinger might use if he were writing about Holden Caulfield today. Include a clear explanation, and you will earn extra credit!

Attach your Mango/Bees Discussion Audio File as it's own thread. THEN: Listen to ONE of the audio files uploaded by your classmates and take notes on effective discussion strategies used by the group members. Add at least one comment answering: What comments did you hear that helped you increase your understanding of the novels? of theme & intent?
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