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I know this community is basically dead but I thought it would be nice to post this here so if anyone still on...enjoy~

Also if you wish to know more about this pic or the experiments click on the link below.

Art by: Alovion

Well not trying to be rude or anything but...this community is kinda dead

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well we are still short of members but , this whole dino vore got me thinking about what dino i would want to be vored by  i listed the two popular ones T-rex and Raptors but listed the others if your choice wasnt there since g+ only allows for 5 choices max

side options on the setup
okay so here's the scenario Technology has allowed us to travel farther into to space, allowed us to dive deeper under water to discover greater mystery it has also taken VR (virtual Reality) to know heights allowing the user to actually use all their senses (sight,touch,sound,smell,and taste) opening the door for more possibilities without the danger, for this example the experience of getting vored by the dinosaur of your choice in what ever way you want how ever you want (willing,unwilling,dino vores human{you}, or dino vores dino{you}) thanks to the Latest Technology VR Technology the possibilities are endless 
*note the VR Program can be programmed to fit your need's (a.k.a what ever you want goes since it's your decision and its virtual reality so digestion or not,willing or not etc)
pros: if you are into digestion you cant be "digested" but since it ain't real you live another day to get vored
cons: might not beat the real thing

2. technology has allowed us to create a real Jurassic world park(even though we have seen how it turns out in the movies... technology cant always win against dinosaurs
pros: the dinosaur might bond with you for being such a willing meal(if you pick not to be digested)that they will kind of be like your pet.
and you are really being vored by a dinosaur 

cons: if you want to be digested/absorbed you can only enjoy it once

its a little concept i am tinkering with for small text game plot, or interactive story
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some herbivore

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Who says that prey can't be pred too?

Artist: akaikosh

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Tail vore

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Sigh Anyone wants to rp with my oc Zack? I will be pred or prey if you want although I feel like being prey

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Name: Sara
Gender: female
Pred or prey: prey
Age: 25
Likes: vores (only soft and absorbstion vores)
Dislikes: vores (cock, anal, hard vores)
Personality: she likes to hang out at the beach all the time, she likes to have fum
Species: (I don't really know but she's a human fish)
Bio: she was a fish until she got into a power plant and she mutated into a human and she got big breast she bought a bra. She lives on the beach and she hangs out with everyone on the beach

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Name : Shund  
Gender : Male
Pred or Prey : 80% Pred and 30% Prey
Age :  800,000,000 mil / 32 years old
Likes : Willing prey, delicious meat
Dislikes : Digestion, hard vore (if prey)
Personality : (Will make soon)
Species :  Gorgonopsid
Bio : (Will make soon)

(Closed RP with +D4: Jack the Dragon)
Marty was grabbing a tiny meat running from a tree falls due to the other dinosaurs till it was over
Marty : sighs Finally, i survived

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Name : Thurisa
Gender : Female
Age : 32,000,000 years old or 16
Species : Fanmade dinosaur
Personality : Feared, Hungry
Likes : Voring preys, willing preys
Dislikes : Getting vored by bigger or same sized, spines pulled off
Pred/Prey : Both
Bio : Thurisa is one of the Pteranodons and less stealthy, speed up to 75/93 kg. Has the stomach that can be filled with 73 preys.
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