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Welcome to Triowin‘s Home ! Here,you can know more about our company and products.If you are interested in them, contact us and we will give you more than what you want.

TEL. :0086-21-37901188
Address:No.5899 Tingwei Rd.Jinshan Industrial Zone,shanghai, China 201506

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To all of the people's lives and working in food industry
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Eng Ibrahim Elwakeel

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These company is one of the best company in food industry

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New Product 2:Turnkey solution for canned fruit processing line.Add with high technique,fresh fruit can be preserved with sterilized sugary drinks and packed in can.Not only do we enjoy the fresh fruit anytime but it can be a healthy leisure food.#cannedfruit #fruitprocessing #TRIOWIN

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New Product: Turnkey solution for dried fruit and vegetable processing line. Process raw materials to dried slices.Successfully,new process technique have been used in customers' projects.#driedfruit #driedvegetable #foodprocessing #TRIOWIN
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Turnkey solution for BLUEBERRY processing line &machine.For the whole sets of machine,such as fruit washing , lifting , crusher , evaporator , sterilizer,aseptic filling machine.Contact us,and we will give you more surprising.Waiting for cooperation with you !

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We provide not only MACHINE but SOLVE SOLUTIONS. Triowin produces citrus processing equipment for the global market. Our Citrus Extractor is the heart of citrus processing system and we are the industry leader in citrus extraction technology in China.
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Triowin has been developed to meet the demands of today's tomato processing requirements. We devote ourselves to the development of innovative equipment to improve overall operating efficiency, minimize downtime for maintenance, and, most important, reduce capital investments.
These pictures below are two different processing technology that ourcompanies have developed.You can make paste or juice ,and we are willing to give you more help.
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