Hey all my mad friends! Anyone up for a tea party rp with the mad hatter?

please make a role play profile before roleplaying! i will be putting up a role play soon enough so be ready you may no join though if you don't have you so might want to be making one now.

Hello! What's your name? I'm Boyan! Can you give me your facebook profile? :)

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Name: daisy
Nickname: rocket
Age: 16
Eye Color: red
Hair Color: blonde (dyed)
Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight
Personality: I'm like a rocket.
Species or Race: human
Powers/Abilities: none besides my training abilities
Hobbies/Interests: dancing
Fetishes/Strange Behaviors: not for you to know
Dislikes: jerks
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♬Welcome To Wonderland!!!!♬

Alright, before you start off in this community you should always read the Handbook or A.K.A the Rules. This is the stuff that keeps you from getting banned:

[Community Rules and Regulations.]

[Make A Profile Before RolePlaying]
❥Don't Steal Other Peoples Profiles.
❥Please Have a Picture On How Your Character Looks (Describe their State Of Form)
(If I Comment "Approved" then you're Good. Tag Any of the Mods if it hasn't Been Approved Yet)

✘No Spams Will Be Tolerated!
✘No Trolling Will Be Tolerated Either!
[They Will be banned on Site]
✘No Roleplaying on Profiles
✘[Heed this Warning]

✘If you are battling against someone in a section, NO GODMODDING!!

[Posts That Don't Belong Here and Are:]
✘Repost This Or You Will Die" Post [Or Anything In that Description]
✘No Blurry Pictures and No Low Quality Pictures (They Will Be Removed)
✘NO Suicide Post Please. This is Not a Community where You come and Kill Yourself

✮Treat Others The Way You Would Like them to Treat You.★
❥Which Means Be Respectful and Be Nice to Members of this Community.
❥You Must Be considerate Of People's Feels. This is a Positive Community and I Want Everyone To Feel Welcomed.
❥Do Not Talk Smack About People's Characters/OC. If You Do Consequences Will Be Made.
❥There will be no Bullying Tolerated

☞ If you Don't Feel Comfortable, It is Alright to Leave

❥Please DO NOT Force People into RP if they Don't Want To.
❥Classify RolePlays as (Open) and (Closed)
❥Do Not Join Closed Unless You're Permitted to it
❥If Someone Wants You to Really Actually Stop Doing Something, then STOP!

☆We Run By the "3 Strike" Rule.☆
☞ Yellow Card [First Strike]
☞ Red Card [Second Strike]
☞ [Third Strike]: Don't Bother Coming Back Cause your Out of Here! ⚾️

☆So since you know these rules, we hope you enjoy your stay and overall HAVE FUN!☆

[Profile Template:]

Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Sexual Orientation:
Species or Race:
Fetishes/Strange Behaviors:
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Name: alice
Nickname: baby doll
Age: 16
Eye Color: changes
Hair Color: white/blonde (I dye it red every once and a while)
Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: bisexual
Personality: deceiving
Species or Race: I look human but I'm not
Powers/Abilities: I can change my appearance
Hobbies/Interests: dancing
Fetishes/Strange Behaviors: umm not going to share
Dislikes: jerks and smart arses
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please create a profile and tag me or one of the mods and we will approve it. until this is done you CANNOT do role play.
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