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♬Welcome To Wonderland!!!!♬

Alright, before you start off in this community you should always read the Handbook or A.K.A the Rules. This is the stuff that keeps you from getting banned:

[Community Rules and Regulations.]

[Make A Profile Before RolePlaying]
❥Don't Steal Other Peoples Profiles.
❥Please Have a Picture On How Your Character Looks (Describe their State Of Form)
(If I Comment "Approved" then you're Good. Tag Any of the Mods if it hasn't Been Approved Yet)

✘No Spams Will Be Tolerated!
✘No Trolling Will Be Tolerated Either!
[They Will be banned on Site]
✘No Roleplaying on Profiles
✘[Heed this Warning]

✘If you are battling against someone in a section, NO GODMODDING!!

[Posts That Don't Belong Here and Are:]
✘Repost This Or You Will Die" Post [Or Anything In that Description]
✘No Blurry Pictures and No Low Quality Pictures (They Will Be Removed)
✘NO Suicide Post Please. This is Not a Community where You come and Kill Yourself

✮Treat Others The Way You Would Like them to Treat You.★
❥Which Means Be Respectful and Be Nice to Members of this Community.
❥You Must Be considerate Of People's Feels. This is a Positive Community and I Want Everyone To Feel Welcomed.
❥Do Not Talk Smack About People's Characters/OC. If You Do Consequences Will Be Made.
❥There will be no Bullying Tolerated

☞ If you Don't Feel Comfortable, It is Alright to Leave

❥Please DO NOT Force People into RP if they Don't Want To.
❥Classify RolePlays as (Open) and (Closed)
❥Do Not Join Closed Unless You're Permitted to it
❥If Someone Wants You to Really Actually Stop Doing Something, then STOP!

☆We Run By the "3 Strike" Rule.☆
☞ Yellow Card [First Strike]
☞ Red Card [Second Strike]
☞ [Third Strike]: Don't Bother Coming Back Cause your Out of Here! ⚾️

☆So since you know these rules, we hope you enjoy your stay and overall HAVE FUN!☆

[Profile Template:]

Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Sexual Orientation:
Species or Race:
Fetishes/Strange Behaviors:
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Hey all my mad friends! Anyone up for a tea party rp with the mad hatter?

please make a role play profile before roleplaying! i will be putting up a role play soon enough so be ready you may no join though if you don't have you so might want to be making one now.

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Name: daisy
Nickname: rocket
Age: 16
Eye Color: red
Hair Color: blonde (dyed)
Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight
Personality: I'm like a rocket.
Species or Race: human
Powers/Abilities: none besides my training abilities
Hobbies/Interests: dancing
Fetishes/Strange Behaviors: not for you to know
Dislikes: jerks
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Hello! What's your name? I'm Boyan! Can you give me your facebook profile? :)

please create a profile and tag me or one of the mods and we will approve it. until this is done you CANNOT do role play.

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Name: alice
Nickname: baby doll
Age: 16
Eye Color: changes
Hair Color: white/blonde (I dye it red every once and a while)
Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: bisexual
Personality: deceiving
Species or Race: I look human but I'm not
Powers/Abilities: I can change my appearance
Hobbies/Interests: dancing
Fetishes/Strange Behaviors: umm not going to share
Dislikes: jerks and smart arses
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