We are the average. We work hard. We have kids. We do not want our kids to be kidnapped, hooked on drugs, or beheaded for expressing who they are. God is not a religion. God is a concept we believe in. We have a question: who are the real terrorists?

Any terrorist group needs fund. Think of what a terrorist is!! A criminal. Just a criminal. Criminals do not have the time to provide for themselves. They need some to provide for them. Let's take ISIS and Daesh for example, they are cutting heads left and right. These people do not have the time to do grocery shopping. They do not have the time to go get their drugs to keep them high while committing their disgusting deeds. Now, let's think of the beneficiary of all of this. Who is getting the prize?!

Things are not always what they seem. We are looking for intelligent people to join our community. People who do not believe in the impossible and they are unlimited.
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