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Rise from your grave g+ group!

We're about to see a huge update.

I just beat the third and final challenge - barely - for the iOS version.  Woo!

Beated wave 42 today, but I used a "trick".

Enemy waves starts charging only when you've completed your first 4 rooms. Made a "perfect" blueprint of my base in advance and then used the "priority" button to make sure they got build in the right order.

Does anyone have any special "endurance strategies"?

One strategy I've been thinking of is to make a circular array of Weapon rooms, with the Gardens, Kitchens and quarters inside.

I would fully man every Weapon room, but then have as many surplus minions on Food duty, resupplying me with more minions, when my weapons gets killed. So far though, this has only gotten me to wave 31.

Anyone have some insights to this game?

Minions: how do they work?

Several people have noted that minions behave weird, and I agree it's part of the charm of the game, to figure out how to most effectively work with them.  I will also agree that's they're frustrating and that sometimes you just want a giant hand to slap them with.  What behavioral secrets have you discovered?

I've been doing some numbers. Below are the costs of the different rooms, the numbers meaning price in matter. We don't care about the other costs, because we technically have an infinite supply.

Corridor 1
Extractor 3
Reactor 2
Gardens 1
Kitchen 2
Weapons 2
Quarters 6

There's 4 particle fields in the game and we start with 10 matter. To harvest a particle field, we need an extractor. To gain the benefit of all 4, we must thus spend 12 matter on extractors, but each field supply us with 21 matter. You start with 10 matter.

All in all, you have
4*21 + 10 - 12 = 82
matter to play with.

You must have a garden, a kitchen and a reactor, collectively costing 5 matter. We are now down to 77 matter. My advice would be to build an additional garden and kitchen, otherwise you will get swarmed too soon. We are now down to 74.

All in all, if C is the number of Corridors, W the weapons and Q the quarters, we have the following restriction:

C + 2*W + 4*Q <= 74.

We want at least 24 men, meaning we will have to build 11 quarters (the first two men are free). This gives us that we can spend at most 30 matter on weapons and corridors. We'll want 20 defenders, meaning we must build 10 weapon rooms.

This crops to 10 matter for corridors.

Is this even feasible? Can I reach all the extractors with 10 corridors?

Just saying, I managed to have 6 workers and 2 weapon rooms before completing second wave. No casualties.

Build Order, what's yours?

I saw this pop up in another thread's reply but I figured it deserves to be its own section.

Have you beaten any of the challenges? 

I didn't see a community here, but given the positive feedback I've seen for all platforms, I figured it was time.
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